Stepping Over 10

My running routine hasn’t had much of the spotlight here lately, but that certainly isn’t for lack of mileage. The Rock n’ Roll National Half is coming up is less than two weeks – I’m running for Back On My Feet, donate here! – and I’ve been in semi-training mode.

By that, I mean that Kate & I continue running at an early hour, and do so at least three times per week. Those runs clock in anywhere between 5-7 miles – never less, rarely more – and she usually keeps me going quicker than my legs would carry me on their own. Most weeks also include the lululemon Thursday night run, which is a 4.5-miler.

On Saturday, we routinely run 10 miles with our weekend crew. The route is always different, almost always hilly, and almost never longer or shorter than 10 (give or take 0.1 miles for Garmin obsessive-ness).

Saturday run

Fist pump for consistency!


This week I had a commitment that kept me from joining the Saturday crew. I also had a mental “need” to get in that one last long run – a lengthy workout that would put these legs on the starting line ready for 13.1. I wanted to step over 10, and into the double-digits. I also wanted to visit Lincoln, because we haven’t seen each other in at least a month. I try to do my part in this relationship!

DC.NationalHalf 050backhome

We’re very photogenic together.

I mapped a route that would take me down to the Mall and around my favorite spots – nothing your typical DC-er hasn’t done many times over. It was just what I needed.

12 miles, 1:42 – check!

Add 1.1 more to that? Yes, please. We’re ready.

Side note: I ended at the Dupont Farmer’s market – what a tease, when you smell like sweat and have zero dollars in cash on hand. Next time I will plan ahead for that little treat!


Between now and the festive March 17th race day, we’re fun-running at the annual St. Patty’ Day 8K on Freedom Plaza, getting in a few hours of yoga and enjoying the usual 5-7 mile mid-week adventures.

Who else has a race coming up?

Joining us here in the District for our first taste of the RNR movers n’ shakers*?

*Let’s all double-cross our fingers that they plan their DC debut more thoroughly than the Hot Chocolaters did.



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14 responses to “Stepping Over 10

  1. I’m sure you’ve been loving your outdoor runs since the weather has been so nice! I don’t have any races on the books til SeaWheeze in August, but with a move to NYC in 1 month, I have a great feeling I’ll be registering for some late spring/early summer races. Can’t wait!

  2. Just signed up for my March 5k — it’s called the Fish Fry 5k in Omaha, Nebraska. Should be interesting!

  3. Nice job on that long run — I can’t believe your half is so close! How the heck did that happen?? You’re going to do great, especially loving that this is all for such a good cause!

  4. I suppose I should step up the running a bit – especially outside, as opposed to the treadmill. I don’t want to embarrass myself at the 8k…or the two 10-milers after that.

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures! And high five you for consistency, you are such an amazing runner, it’s really cool to watch you knock out all these records.

    I wish I had a race scheduled, I am honestly looking for something. I just need to man up and sign up already.

  6. My friend and I went for a walk the other day and rounded our route by a local farmers market. So frustrating to not have cash (besides being at the turnaround of our run, not so convenient for carrying stuff).

    Great run. I hope the RnR learned their lessons from the Hot Chocolate people – you guys don’t need that again.

  7. Jenna Leigh

    I’m running the RnR National Marthon on March 17 -the FULL. It is my first full, so I’m a bit anxious. Yesterday I ran a 20 mile out-and-back on Sligo Creek after a failed attempt at running 20 in San Franciso last weekend (the hills there seriously killed me!!). I’m really excited the RnR has taken over the national marathon/ half marathon and I’m expecting a great race. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as well.

  8. I’m running the National Full. Its my first marathon and I’m a little anxious about the infamous hills I hear. I definitely avoided hills more than I should have during my training. We’ll see, can wait, one way or another, i’ll finish.

  9. Carrie mentioned you on her blog ( so I thought I check out your page. I am running the RnR Half too, and really hope it is nothing like the HotChoc15K! I just may add the Lululemon runs to my list of things that I can do next year when my son is off at college ….

  10. I’ll be out spectating on March 17th, so hopefully I see you speeding by! 🙂

  11. I ran my first half (it was a Rock N Roll) half in Nashville during my DI. The feeling was so addicting, but I’ve totally lost it. You’re inspiring!!

  12. Sounds like a darn good routine you have going for you there!

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