Winter Market Discoveries

There has been little to no indication that winter ever stopped by here in the District. Temperatures that would normally be followed by descriptors like “nice Fall day” or “cool Spring afternoon” have made up the majority of our December – February days. Naturally, my southern roots are totally content.

I’ll take a guess and say these local Farmers aren’t minding the sunshine, either!


The Dupont Farmers’ Market is held year round, with a slightly smaller lot for the “winter” months. We ventured over to check out the vendors on Sunday morning, pleasantly surprised by the options available.

On a mission to create some fresh things in the kitchen this week, we picked up two random items – sheep’s milk cheese and ‘spicy’ radishes:

100_1818sheep cheese

After taste-testing that cheese, there was absolutely no way we could’ve walked away from the table without our own package. We went with the “Stony Man”, which tasted like the smoke-flavored marriage of asiago and parmesan, but with a softer texture.

Exactly. That had to come home!

Now, those radishes?


Well, who knew those things had a kick?  Also, who knew there were green ones?

Not these two newbies. I’ve had plenty of radish slices adorning my salads, but have never actually purchased the root vegetable. We tasted some freshly shaved pieces, and discovered that the after-bite can be a little bit shocking. I actually grabbed an apple sample to sweeten my palate.

Intrigued, and not to be defeated by a “spicy” anything, I had to grab a few.

All of the produce purchased:


Colorful “winter” purchases, and taste buds that are up for a few challenges this week.


What’s your favorite fresh winter market pick?

Advice-seeking radish newbie – recipe suggestions? Bite-calming tips? Logic as to why I purchased these?



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13 responses to “Winter Market Discoveries

  1. We just hit our local market and the produce is gorgeous!!! Excited spring is almost here.

  2. I miss our market! Definitely not farmer’s marke season around here. Nice loot!

    That popping corn on the cob looks too cool!!

  3. At the Silver Spring market with have a produce guy that gets greens to grown in his hoop houses even with the cold temps. There is nothing like the taste of fresh greens in the winter!

  4. Try pickling radishes! They’re great and you can add them to salad or tacos or anything really!

  5. There isn’t too much to choose from at our local farmer’s markets, your typical squash and root vegetables, salad greens are around but also pretty pricey. My favorite find this winter season has to be Kohlrabi, I had never tried it before and I am pleasantly surprised by how versatile it is. Put it in salads raw, toss it in a stir fry, or cut into sticks and enjoy with hummus. Yay new veggie!

  6. ohhhh so THIS is where all the weird veggies live. got it.

  7. SO fresh. The tulips and lilies are everywhere, beautiful.

    Popping corn looks amazing. I am a sucker for cheese, the more stink the better for some odd reason.

    Glad you took advantage of buying in season and locally!

  8. I have yet to find a local winter market.

    • Heather C

      There are at least two that I know of in DC – farmers come from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania! It’s a good lot. 🙂

  9. Kat

    I just bought brussel sprouts at Eastern Market! Roasted them with olive oil, salt, pepper. Delicious Sunday dinner.

  10. I love Farmers Markets so much! I’ve never purchased radishes before, but I’ve been eating a big apple (at least 1) everyday. I love them so much! I’ve also been eating kale almost every single day for lunch or dinner. Always with avocado. 🙂 I can’t get enough.

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