A New Barre: Wednesday’s Variety

The muscles were treated to a double dose of variety yesterday; an early morning yoga hour and a late evening spin-barre retrial*.

Sunrise Yoga

The “Sunrise” yoga class at Stroga is finally living up to its claim again. It’s dark when we go in, and looks like this by the time we lay in savasana.

Spring, I can feel you! HURRY UP.

I woke up and stretched with an hour of vinyasa – much needed by this point in the week, as usual.


The day’s next sweat-date would include something these muscles haven’t experienced in well over a year*. Spin-Barre is offered at the new Revolve Spin studio in Arlington (Clarenon). These glutes haven’t seen the seat of a spin bike since their Warrior days (which I miss – nobody will make you sweat n’ snake like a Qi Mountain-Ryders class), and the “barre” portion could substitute for the ballet class I missed this week.

*Flashback! First spin class, ever.

Revolve Sign

The studio was quiet when I arrived (one class was in session), way too early, so I snapped a few pics. I also marveled at the fact that they give you things for free! Things like real cycling shoes (see below), a towel for wiping the inevitable sweat fountain from your forehead, and lockers to keep all of your stuff.

In other places, this may not stand out. But in most DC gyms/studios, you pay for everything but toilet paper and bathroom privileges.

Shimano Shoe Wallshimano cycling shoes

Yes, I’ll take a pair of spankin-new shoes, thank you very much. How kind of you!

Revolve Bikes
Great photo by Jess!  Schwinn spin.

Does anyone else internally chuckle and say “Hah! Youuu think that’s a Schwinn….” ? Anyone? Brad Pitt, at his finest.

Schwinn spin bikes, similar to a “tri-bike” in my mind (see aero-style bars), clipless shoes provided for free, and a schedule of classes that includes some variety?

Well done, Revolve! I had a good sweat.

Something to note – this was not actually the Spin-Barre class I thought I signed up for. 1) There is no barre. So….there’s that. 2) We did strength-exercises with weights and a squishy ball – nothing that resembled ballet in the slightest.

So if you sign up for Spin-Barre, keep those points in mind! It was still a good workout, but just not what I expected.

Either way, huge thanks to the crew for reaching out to some locals and getting the word out! I never would have ventured out to Clarendon otherwise, but it felt good to get back in the spin game.


What’s adding some variety to your weekly routine? Are you a spinner? Or Barre-lover (looking at you, Jess S!)



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7 responses to “A New Barre: Wednesday’s Variety

  1. I’m obsessed with spinning – it’s my favorite form of cardio. I got clip shoes for Christmas – I’ve never seen a gym offering them AND the fact that they clean the bikes is amazing. Would never happen at LA Fitness.

  2. I love that they give you the spin shoes and everything but what a bummer that there’s no actual barre, how misleading! I was getting so excited at the thought of you at the barre!

    • Heather C

      I was excited, too! Ha, I was like wait, where is it?! I think they are a little confused as to what a “barre” class is. But, at least it was a good workout 🙂

  3. What do they do with the shoes after someone wears them? Their own version of the bowling shoe system 😉

    I love love love spin – the gym I’m currently at has very mediocre classes and I’ve been very disappointed! Most likely going to change gyms when my membership is up for that very reason.

  4. Nice touch with the freebies! That could make the difference in my decision to return to a particular studio. Sounds like a great class!

  5. ok, I need to try this barre thing, it’s been in my google reader like 50 times this week.

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