Sweat, Stripes & Nothin’ but good

I’ve been reveling in the no-training-plan-attached mode for the past few months, and having little desire to register for anything that would change it.

Sweat once a day – doing whatever you want.

My weekly runs have adjusted to re-include a little bit of lululemon love. There are two stores in the District with weekly run clubs – I like the option of heading to one or the other, and running a route that doesn’t revolve our neighborhood. This also means I’m in a store at least once per week. Eye candy, galore…

Stripe Run tights 1 Stripe Run tights 2 stripe run tights band

I’ve been helping out the Georgetown crew a little bit as they transition to a Thursday night routine; new day/time means a need for new routes (weekend vs. week-day). I worked some MapMyRun magic, and in turn, they asked me to run in and review the latest in their Running collection.

Who turns that down? Not this gal. I love their running tights.

These were different than the other two in my collection because they’re a little more on the “light-weight” side – i.e. no tech-fleece lining – and the waist-band is deep. The front pockets will easily hold some extra fuel, a debit/credit card and/or an iPod. There’s also the back zipper-pocket, which I always make use of (metro card + ID). They’re also navy + white – something to run in other than black!

And they have stripes. And they’re Penn State colors. I mean, seriously? I want to live in these.

If you don’t own a pair of quality running tights, you should have at least one (unless you live in a climate that never dips below 60*. In which case, you’re smart.). And if you’re up for the investment, lululemon’s Run products are completely worth it.


In other news, Chobani has new flavors! If you don’t know this by now, you must not spend a lot of time on social media. If you do, and you’ve tried them, you’ll know why I’m posting about this along with others. They’re following suit – nothing but good.

Nothin but good

Chobani rarely disappoints in the taste and texture departments. To add to that, their team is always friendly, responsive, clever and coming up with new ways to add “CHO” as a prefix. The latter is reason enough to love them.

The latest additions to their yogurt family: Passion Fruit, Apple Cinnamon & Blood Orange.

The verdicts:

The passion fruit was probably a one-time only rendezvous. I wasn’t a big fan of the seeds or the orange coloring.

However, the apple cinnamon & blood orange were huge hits in this little apartment. I was a little curious as to how an “orange” yogurt would taste, but they got it right. I’d say both could use a little bit less flavoring, but delicious nonetheless.

apple cinnamon blood orange yogurt


Your turn –

What’s the best addition you’ve made to your workout wardrobe lately?

Are you a Chobani lover, too? Favorite flavor?



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21 responses to “Sweat, Stripes & Nothin’ but good

  1. I want to buy Lululemon stuff but I live in NH and there is no store anywhere near me. Ugh. I hate buying stuff without trying it on! I can never guess my sizing right, and I’ve heard Lululemon runs super small. Maybe some day I’ll venture into Boston for it. Oh btw, I think you mistakenly put pomegranate instead of passionfruit. The third new flavor for Chobani is passionfruit, and I agree, the seeds are a bit weird. But I love the flavor!

    • Heather C

      You’re right! I really thought it was pomegranate..but, that makes more sense, seeing as pomegranate seeds are different than the little black ones in that yogurt. Oops 😉 Thanks for the catch!

  2. I have tried multiple versions of greek yogurt and Chobani tops them all! I have to say I enjoyed the Blood Orange, but it was quite interesting at first bite 🙂 The Apple Cinnamon was ok, but it just seems like is should be eaten warm/hot so I probably wouldn’t purchase it again. My fav – Raspberry!!

  3. I’ve really started liking water jogging! i’m not even injured (know on wood) but I find it really relaxing.

  4. mel

    I do not like yogurt, I keep trying it but alas it is not for me! I want to try chobani. I have a coupon and am eager to give it a shot! Although I would probably use plain as a replacement for sour cream in recipes. BORING, I know.

    • Heather C

      I do that ALL the time – not boring at all! It’s the main reason I started to buy plain yogurt, anyway. now I like it because I can add any flavor / granola / cereal to it, without worrying about weird tastes mixing. 😉

  5. I have to wear long thermal tights in the winter, I recently bought some running shorts though in the hope the weather warms up lol

  6. I love chobani too!! 🙂 I am dying to try the apple cinnamon, but it’s always sold out! The plain is my favorite because you can do so much with it.

  7. jos

    I LOVE lululemon’s running gear! I enjoy wearing tights for yoga and running. Most of all the jackets are amazing! I can wear a tank top base layer under the jackets in 30 degree weather (with wind) and still feel warm.They are pricey but well worth the investment! Those tights are really cute with the stripes!

  8. I am a stripe lover! I bought some new tights at TJMaxx for $20 and I’m happy with them, but could use some more. It’s crazy how many clothes one goes through when you’re working out 1-2x per day, 7 days a week. And I do even reuse some of my clothes a second time before washing! Mmm… I love the pineapple chobani. Mmm!

    Last night’s purchase of dinner was a good one (although not a piece of athletic clothing). I don’t usually like to go out (I try to save $ on food), but the manfriend really wanted to have a dinner out so I went along with it before we headed to a party and was glad to have spent the money and quiet time with just him. It’s nice to just notice when $ is well spent because of either how the running pants make you feel or how fun a special event can be with a good friend or partner.

  9. Really have to get on the plan for a race, I’m itching so bad to get back on a course.

    Lululemon stripes?! Ugh they get better and better.

    My nike tights are still my fave fave thing, but I’m diggin an Icebreaker top I bought for hiking this weekend.

  10. I love the new Chobani flavors, especially the blood orange and apple cinnamon. The pomegranate is good too if you get a chance to try it. I thought the passion fruit tasted fine, but the color and seeds were weird, I agree. Poor passion fruit – the appearance totally hurts its appeal. I let that container sit in my fridge till last. I probably won’t buy it again, but have replenished the other new flavors already!

  11. I have only tried the apple cinnamon Chobani and I thought it was good but I’m also not a huge fan of anything that resembles apple pie filling. I’ll stick with my apples being cold and plain. lol. The best investment I have added to my workout collection lately is definitely my no limits Lululemon tank. So comfy!

  12. wait, I want to go running and get free pants. your life is amazing.

  13. Lauren

    I get Chiobani all the time!! The newest flavors I tried were peach and cherry. I normally only buy the blueberry and strawberry because once I got vanilla and it tasted like natural greek yogurt…ewwww! I will definitely have to try the ones you said have lots of flavor (I.E. they are sweeter) because that is more my taste. haha.

    On the running clothes note I TOTALLY forgot about the lulu lemon gift card you gave me!! I just saw it yesterday and relaized I need to use it! So excited to go online shopping! I just set up a pintrest account too. 😀 yay!

    • Heather C

      I LOVE the peach! That might be my favorite flavored one. And then adding fresh peaches to the “original” flavor in the summer – Mmm, so delicious.

      You’re on Pinterest?! Seriously? 🙂

  14. I favor FAGE over Chobani, actually! I think FAGE has a better texture. I might have to try the apple cinnamon Chobani, though…it looks tasty!

  15. I’ll have to try those on… ALL of my fave running tights/pants/shorts are lulu so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

    I heard about the new blood orange Cho flavour. Haven’t seen it here yet, but I’ll give it a try as well. I thought it sounded so weird at first – good to know it’s tasty!

  16. I was so disappointed to open my passionfruit Chobani and find SEEDS! I love passionfruit and ate tons of it while studying overseas in the DR during college. We never ate the seeds, so I was very puzzled to see them in the yogurt. Passionfruit really is that orange, though.

    • Heather C

      I’ve never actually had passionfruit, so I wasn’t sure about those seeds…but it makes sense that you would discard them. It sort of reminded me of what it’d be like if they put apple seeds in that flavor, ya know?

  17. Greek yogurt, my fav snack!!!

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