Happy Heart Day!

We all know what today is, but this month is all about Heart Health. Thanks to the American Heart Association and CDC, we have a wealth of statistics that tell us how many American are already affected by heart disease. While many of the factors that put us at risk are pre-determined, the list of those we can control is worth some attention. At the top of that list? Diet & Exercise; Lifestyle choices, and behaviors.

For a quick “how-to” keep the ticker strong, these sites should do the trick:

Sodium Substitutes – adding flavor to a meal without upping the salt intake.
Washingtonian Well+Being

Getting Healthy – Everything from Nutrition to Smoking Cessation
American Heart Association

Top 15 Heart-Health Foods – How many are in your kitchen?

10 Heart Healthy Dishes
The DailyMeal.com

For a check-in – what favors are you doing for your heart this week?

Exercise? New meals on the menu? Stress relief, in whatever form that takes?

Let’s hear it – there’s not one single approach we all take to staying “healthy”, variety keeps it interesting and a little self-imposed challenge can go a long way!



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6 responses to “Happy Heart Day!

  1. Stress relief in the form of cuddles – no cardio on my schedule today, but I got in a solid 3 miles yesterday. Happy Heart day to you! 🙂

  2. Happy Valentines day! I’m helping my heart with stress relief…and that includes eating a slice of chocolate cake with pb frosting my husband made.

  3. thank you for not making this a msuhy stupid post about love. ugh.

  4. i love all your links, beats chocolate anyday!

  5. Diet AND Exercise- what a concept:)

    Thanks for the love of the ol’ ticker. Great links.

  6. Thanks for these great links. While I’m not a chocolate fan, I do love cuddles and sweet kisses from my lover man dude.

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