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If you’re an “ist” reader – DCist, LAist, Gothamist (NYC) – you may remember that at one point they would round up stories from “Around the ists”, bringing together the top headlines from cities around the world in one quick news-filled post. Today, we’ll venture around the .coms.

DCistPatagonia BlogWP

Happy Reading!

Fitness: Patagonia – The Cleanest Line
Confessions of Yoga Non-Believer
“…if one more person said to me, “Ooh, have you ever tried yoga? You—should—really—do yoh-gaa,” I’d tear up their smelly yoga mat bit by bit and shove the pieces up their Pranayama-breathing nostrils.

But I had to admit defeat. I was desperate…”

Washingtonian Well Being
Three course vegetarian meal

At-home Gourmet: Washingtonian’s Well+Being
Three-Course Vegetarian {Valentine’s Day} Meal for Two

My recipes for a fruit n’ nut salad appetizer, and sweet potato, fennel & eggplant lasagna are featured as the bulk of this stay-at-home dining date. Top it off with Mark Bittman’s {tofu} Chocolate pudding.

Tricks of the Trade: The Sweet Life
Twitter for You and Your Organization

“We are all trying to get our names out there — whether that means an organization we work for — or our own networking within the blogosphere.

8,000 followers later…”

Wisdom & Truth: Tiny Buddha
Make Your Moments Count

“I am by no means wealthy, but I’ve finally realized my pennies are only as valuable as the priorities they allow me to honor. We never get to know how much time we have left; we only know we can choose what we do with the time we have now.”

In Other News: Washington Post
Punxsutawney Phil Says…

If we get another 6 weeks of this kind of DC winter – 70* yesterday, 50s throughout the weekend? Count me in. Sing it, Phil!


What .coms have you been reading up on lately?

My daily morning news sources  – Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet (thanks to D!), Huffington Post’s Health/Fitness & the Facebook Newsfeed – they all bring something different to the table. I get a dose of “real” news, a dose of food & fitness (my kind of news!) and a dose of what the friends consider worth sharing.



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2 responses to “Around the .Coms

  1. I love that Huffington post page – great way to stay on top of the newest trends/research so I know what my clients are talking about!

  2. I adore Tiny Buddha! Good roundup, checking them out…

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