Food Flashbacks & Favorites

Also known as “Random Friday Facts”, a la Katie.

I remember hearing about the Jack-in-the-Box hamburger disaster at a young age, therefore I never ordered hamburgers as a kid. I always went for the chicken – sandwich or nuggets. Good thing I didn’t know about salmonella or campylobacter.

I prefer the texture of instant vs. rolled or steel cut oats. I still get the fiber and whole-grains, plus they cook faster – win, win.

I have never broken a bone (thanks for keeping the milk stocked up, Mom!). I did crack my head open and break my nose in the same year, though (age 2). Good times.

I deemgrapefruits the best winter produce option – they’re not only refreshing and delicious, but they also provide a little ‘tropical’ element to the season. As kids, we ate them by cutting in half and digging in with a spoon. Now, I peel it like an orange and eat the slices.


My first memory of my Dad cooking for us involved breakfast, and “toast with a hole & a pickle on top”. I was confused by all of the above, but still tried it. When I realized the egg was runny, all hope was lost.

My first favorite vegetables were bell peppers and cooked green beans. Peas were the first vegetable I hated.  That last sentiment still stands.

I grew up in New Mexico (i.e. green-chile capital!), but didn’t order Mexican food in Mexican restaurants until at least high school. “Oh, I have an American option? Yes, I’ll take that crap.” I missed out on years of delicious food!

fresh green chile

I despised tomatoes; the disgust for their runny middle & tasteless meaty texture ran deep (but of course I loved ketchup & salsa – totally different). My Dad once challenged us to eat half of a fresh tomato, a requirement if we wanted a cotton candy stick at an amusement park. That challenge took up a good half hour of that day. The cotton candy was totally worth it, at the time.

I didn’t really appreciate, or even enjoy, peaches until I lived in Colorado (i.e. 24 years old). That fuzzy skin will get ya.

I thought I hated strawberries, raspberries & blackberries (this was a decision made in my head, not by any real taste test). Once, I ate a brownie with fresh raspberries in it and I spit them out. My matured taste buds are appalled by all of this.

berry cupberry smoothie


How have your food preferences changed?

Flashbacks welcomed!



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19 responses to “Food Flashbacks & Favorites

  1. I used to hate tomatoes until I had a really fresh, taste-packed one in Paris – now I love them. I also eat way more legumes and other veggies than I did as a kid.

  2. YES to grapefruit. I still cut them in half and dig it out with a spoon.

    I don’t eat raspberries, although I love all other berries. I don’t really know if its taste, seeds, texture or a bad memory, but I DO know that I don’t like them.

  3. There are sooo many foods I loathed as a child and even a teen – especially veggies. Thankfully I have grown to love mushrooms, cauliflower, onions (!!!), brussels sprouts, peppers… I used to get my “veggies” in the form of ice berg lettuce, tomatoes and canned corn! LOL!

    Tagged you in today’s post if you’re interested:

  4. I’m with you on the peas. Blech. Hated them since I was a baby. (Though I’m fine with sugar snap peas).
    I LOVE tomatoes and berries. Raspberries are up their on my favorites list and always bring me back to summer — my parents and grandparents both had raspberry bushes in their back yards so we had tons of fresh fruit!

  5. Cool post I often think about what life was like as a kid with food!! I remember going to mcdonalds every sunday with my dad and have a double cheeseburger with fries, strawberry milkshake and icecream. I once stopped eatng jammy dodger biscuits as had a nose bleed after eating one and thought it was cause of the jam lol. Oh one that makes me giggle now is aksing my mum to buy spinach as I wanted to be like popeye and really hating it, love it now.
    sometimes wish I could g back to how things were as a kid, where I didn’t care what I ate or worry about it.

  6. Jamie

    My taste has definitely changed. I literally cannot stomach a lot of the things that I used to eat. If I eat at McDonald’s, I will be running to the restroom an hour later (TMI?) As a kid I also didn’t like salads unless they were covered with ranch, corn, sushi, etc.

  7. Vanessa

    My food preferences have changed quite a bit. I use to LOVE hamburger helper night, meatball subs with extra mayo, ate my moms macaroni salad by the bowls full (so bad for you!)…I could go on and on with my unhealthy food choices. However, as bad as they were I never was a bit overweight due to being so active. Also, as much “bad” food we had, we had as much good due to our 2acre garden. Now, I hardly eat meat and try to eat “good.” But, I love my moms southern cooking, just in moderation. 🙂 Some things I ate as a kid I will never eat: McD’s chicken nuggets, taco bell, or a meatball sub=yuck!

  8. I dip grapefruit slices in the sugar bowl. I know, I know.

  9. used to hate spicy but now crave it daily. also hated avocado and now it’s a must have! still love butter and pickle sandwiches.

  10. Fun post! My tastes have changed A LOT. I HATED yogurt until I was about 20! Now I eat yogurt at least once a day!

  11. Mamacita

    Oh my goodness this post made mamacita smile. None of us will ever forget the tomato challenge at Sea World. Don’t forget the “vegetable cover-up at Si Senors”. Too funny.
    Love, Mamacita

  12. theveryhungrybookworm

    I used to hate tomatoes until I had a real, summer-ripe one.

    I love almost every vegetable now. When I was five, my diet consisted of bologna, cheese and crackers. Yeah.

  13. I used to be a really picky eater: no eggs, tomatoes, corn, seafood, spicy food, mangoes (what!?), coffee etc.

    I now eat all of the above (not together of course). So thats cool. One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of candy… I am a 5 year old at heart 😉

  14. Hey Cuz! (It’s your cousin, Teri!) Eggs with a pickle on top! I loved those as a kid, and still do. You know that came from our grandmother – Mama Hazel – she used to make those for me when I was little (way before you came along – (smile)). My daughter loves eggs with a pickle on top, but we cook hers a little longer so its not so runny. My parents (your Uncle Vic) made me eat veggies like squash and broccoli when I was a kid and I hated them. Now broccoli is one of my favorites. And I love all kinds of squash, peppers, and most other veggies.
    I love your blog and enjoy keeping up with you and your parents (vicariously). Funny, I knew you when you were 2 (I would have been in graduate school in Arizona at that time) but don’t remember that you broke your nose. Of course, you were still living in Kansas then.

  15. This is a fun post! I LOVE tomatoes–but also grew up with a garden, so I was a picky tomato eater and didn’t like the grocery variety. I didn’t care for grapefruit or cabbage growing up, but now can eat almost any produce except turnips and radishes! I don’t know what it is about those two, but something about the sharpness turns my stomach.

  16. When I was preggers, I totally craved my childhood favorites, like SpaghettiOs and Hamburger Helper.

    I never really liked fruit, though at least now I will voluntarily eat pineapple and cuties and sometimes berries. But I never crave fruit like some people do.

    Yogurt grosses me out. So very badly.

    My mom was a picky eater, so we had a very bland, very processed diet growing up. Until college, I had never eaten sushi, alfredo sauce, salsa, chinese takeout, you name it.

    I dated a guy who hated green peppers, and now the taste of them is ruined for me forever. I really like oatmeal, but my boyfriend hates it and makes a gagging sound every time I mention oatmeal, and now I have a hard time not hearing that in my head when I eat it. Damn him!

  17. I love to read about picky eaters getting better – my 11 year old is the worst and it causes much frustration in our house. For me, I’ve only learned recently to enjoy beets and curry. LOVE them both!

  18. Lauren

    Hahaha this is awesome!! Brings back so many memories. Umm YES my food options have definitely changed. I mean, I don’t order chicken fingers, french fries and white gravy at every restaurant I go to anymore. 😉 Also, I don’t hide my veggies under mashed potatoes anymore. I still prefer cooked tomatoes to raw ones though ( that weird runny middle…blech) and I still will never EVER eat a log with a hole and a pickle on top no matter how good dad says it is. Seriously, what were we thinking when we were kids?? Poor mom trying to get us to eat healthy things. We turned out alright though…one of us a super healthy vegetarian dietitian and all of the above and me a restaurant manager! haha. Who would have thought??

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