Crave Novelty: Switch it Up

In switching between radio programs this morning, I randomly heard a piece of news* that claimed our brains “crave novelty”. Those of us that respond to new things – events, adventures, life changes – with an open mind and optimistic attitude are essentially building on an innate tendency to seek these opportunities out. Even those who are slightly more adverse to change feel a rush from breaking out of the norm – it can be something as small as taking a different route to work during your daily commute (whether you walk, drive, ride, etc), or something as big as moving to a new city (that? Oh, yes, I’ve done that…).

*I use that term lightly, as this came from the Kane Show. Entertaining? Definitely. Educational? Not so much…

As evidenced by  my inability to stick to any training plan 100%, or the fact that we’ve moved across the country twice, or the handful of entirely new workout “trends” that I’ve given a fair trial to in the past year, I crave novelty. I crave a challenge, and generally reject routine. I do like a few things to be the same each week; I usually run between 25-30 miles, go to yoga 2-3 times, and participate in quick mini tabata sessions at work (we have fitness breaks!). But, if I see an open door and an opportunity to run through it?

Well, why not?

Our time in Colorado introduced me to a new meaning of the word “adventure”, and I’m forever thankful for that. I met Yoga (and a lot of kickass people that teach in Denver!), Ryder bikes & had a brief date with Pure Barre. We sought out new trails, my glutes realized that riding a road bike has nothing to do with running-leg strength, and my lungs met 14,000 feet.

Grays Peak July 2011

This year won’t be any different! So far, I’ve tried out two new yoga studios (Down Dog Yoga with Anne P, Boundless Yoga on U Street), found out I can hike in my ‘backyard’, and proceeded to use that knowledge to take our Saturday morning group for a 9 mile trail run that same week (i.e. 3 days ago).

Luckily Kate & I tackle quite a few hills pretty much every time we venture out for a neighborhood run, so the legs weren’t too shocked by this random gesture. But the group seemed to welcome the change, and we all got in a great workout for it.  Success!

RCP hike Military Trail head

I not only crave novelty, but I remind myself to seek it. The muscles respond to new challenges with strength; they’re better for it. Your mind will embrace something refreshing, vs. treating a workout as the ‘same ol’ routine’.

What is something New that you’ve wanted to try? What’s a new challenge that you’ll add to your agenda?

Say it here, we’ll keep you accountable!



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9 responses to “Crave Novelty: Switch it Up

  1. 🙂 You know I’m all about new adventures! Fun post.

  2. I just like that you referenced the Kane Show. I always listen to that on my way to BOMF in the morning (and going home.) So silly but I do love Kane 🙂 Oh and something new to try? Ohhhh, maybe salsa dancing lessons…I’m thinking about it and my bf said he will do it…!

  3. I LOVE the concept of craving novelty – such a neat way to describe goals and challenges and NEW-ness in life. I dig it! You are an inspiration source for me as I try to embrace newness in all of its forms this year, as best as I can and with joy and glee, not fear and doubting.

  4. Fitness breaks at work – I would love that!

    As much as you crave novelty, I think I crave routine! It don’t try new things very often…I guess that’s why I waited so long to take up cycling & swimming! 🙂

  5. yes, i crave adventure and life! to get out and to explore and hopefully a little but challenged. Oh tabatas…. i need to do them again soon. EEK!

  6. I am very bad about getting into a workout routine and not changing it. One of my goals for the year is to finally make time for some weight training and core work!

  7. I’ve been dying to add some sort of dance class to my workout routine. Salsa? Samba? Even Irish step dancing! They all sound so fun and killer workouts from what I hear!

  8. I love that term! Crave novelty, brilliant. I can’t believe how much you grew in CO and am so proud of the new things you discovered. I’m definitely looking to try out the UK racing system over here:)

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