The Week, in Instants

The iPhone houses many tools, and I’ll go ahead and estimate that I’ll never know how to use 90% of them. The main thing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on? The Camera. I don’t have a small point-n-shoot anymore, and while I love my Kodak, that thing can be tricky to always have on hand (hence, I do not).

I’ve always been envious of D’s picture-taking capabilities (he’s had an iPhone for a while), and snatched that device out of his hands pretty frequently so that I could capture an instant. Luckily he shares things with me.

{Yes, the Blackberry can take pictures. No, it doesn’t even begin to compare.}

Now, I can capture my own instants! The first app I downloaded was Instagram. I thought it was simply an app that edited your photos to make them look ‘vintage’, or brighter, or black & white. Once I realized it actually provides a feed of pictures, and you can post your own, follow people (similar to Tumblr, if you’ve heard of that Twitter+Blog mesh) and edit pictures with a long list of options? Color me obsessed.

I’m recruiting, too.

instagram tweet

You’re welcome.

This week was usual, in that almost every day was different. Different commutes, different events worked, different offices visited. I love it that way. I walked, metro’d, drove & then stopped to appreciate the little things in my kitchen. This week, in instants:

Run Feet

Winter? Nope. Not here…

Insta.Farragut North

Good morning, DC.


I still get chills. I love seeing this in my city, part of my commute for a day.


What’s that, weatherman? We’re getting SNOW? Okay, fine.

Swing swing

Walking commute…

In the middle of the city, you have country-side-type neighborhood scenes.

Downtown DC sign

Just head south. You can’t miss that large obelisk!

Kitchen things

Colors of the kitchen.

Are you an instagramer? Or maybe even a tumblr-er?

I’m in love. I see instant scenes from all over the country, every day. It may be technology-focused, but the idea makes you pause to take something in. So, iPhone, you’re meeting me in the middle! And I’ll take it.



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13 responses to “The Week, in Instants

  1. No instagram-ing on my Android. Phone photos are a nice balance between capturing the moment and BEING in the moment (rather than fumbling with a camera). You have a beautifully scenic commute!

  2. I love seeing your day in pictures, especially your walking commute! Beautiful.

  3. Instagram makes me want to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Oh, an egg? Sure. Someone dropped a shoe! Look, a tree! ❤ it.

  4. Instagram: nicpoppins

    BRING IT! I love that you are as geeked out over your camera as i am, and no it doesn’t get better:)

  5. I LOVE instagram. My favourite app for sure! Makes photos look so cool.

    I also recommend Diptic, you can put photo’s side-by-side and combine a bunch of photos into one with it! It’s fun!

  6. Emily

    I’m trying to get into the Instagram thing. It definitely improves on the crappy photos taken with my crappy iPhone 3 camera!

  7. I completely agree that it’s great to have easy access to a camera phone – and I love instagram, but haven’t used it in a while. Good reminder!

  8. I heart instagram photos. However, I have a DROID and don’t believe there is a version for droids. Booo… I love snapping pics as I go. Tonight for example, I snagged a photo of sunset as I road my bike to a local brewery.

  9. thats the only reason i want an iPhone. Sad but true. I feel like i missing out! haha.

  10. Not familiar with Instagram (except for tidbits I see on FB/twitter/blogs) but a lot of the reason I want an iPhone is to have a camera with me AT ALL TIMES.

  11. Oh, I’m excited to try this one…..instagram here I come!!

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