I Practice Yoga Because

Practice is the key verb in reference to yoga; there is a realm of flexibility and strength that only a select few achieve. Sure, if you have countless hours to dedicate to practicing each pose, each style, and each millimeter of flexibility in the muscles, you could grasp that level, too. Just go with it…

{If you have no interest in yoga – practicing it, or otherwise – just skip down to the video. Trust me, it is worth 3 minutes & 39 seconds to wow & woo you.}

There is no shortage of raves about my adventures in different classes, or naps in savasana (i.e. search “yoga”). Denver experiences courted me – hook, line & sinker. I’m in. My mat has me wrapped around it’s figurative finger.

Yoga matsyoga water bottle

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Chip.

Yet, I rarely think of it as “practice”. I go; I bend and fold and balance and try to figure out why some days are easier, or harder, than others. After I watched this video (see below), I realized that I practice yoga because

…the first day I couldn’t touch my toes (or shins…), and it shocked me.

…I once thought the frog-squat was physically impossible. In other words, the frog-squat taught me what it means to have “runner’s hips”.

…crow came easy, and then I wondered what happened after that…

…pigeon makes me think my hips might fall off, but they never do. Instead, they go a little deeper every time (refrain from TWSS…).

…every single class is a challenge. Every time a different muscle speaks up.

…it brings “humble” into the vocabulary. Do what you can. Or injure yourself trying to mimic someone else. Easy choice there.

…it reminds me to take a day off of running, or to stretch, or to stop running so much and forgetting about other forms of activity. Balance, that’s what I’m going for here.

…it makes new muscles stand out, and other muscles stand strong. Running improves; poses & balances improve; sometimes I go upside down and love the rush; sanity often returns to the game.

…there is usually a short nap promised. Sweet, sweet, savasana.

…eventually, I hope my arms, legs & core let me do things like this:

See that, muscles? We have a lot of practicing to do…


Do you “practice”? Why?

Do you also find that video incredible?? I hear ya.



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25 responses to “I Practice Yoga Because

  1. I really struggle with yoga but love that I can really see small improvements with every class / practice at home. I need to do it more often for sure! I held crow (only for about 5 seconds) for the first time last night and it was such a great feeling!

  2. that video was awesome. i really should do more yoga as will really help my running. You’ve inpsired me to see if I can get a good dvd has have a yoga mat.

  3. Wow … that video makes me want to pull out my mat for some quality yoga time tonight. It’s incredible what our bodies can do with consistent practice 🙂

  4. I admit – the video is quite impressive. I’m positive that I never look that graceful when I do yoga. Though, it doesn’t stop me from trying.

  5. Nap? um, yes please! I practice because it teaches me to slow down and be in the moment.

    Your list is a must-have for anyone needing a few good reasons to get on a mat.

  6. I practice yoga and love it. I can’t quite stay in crow yet and my hips and hamstrings have gotten hella tight(er) in the past month, so I’m on a mission to be more consistent to keep my muscles more flexible. I love the idea of being that graceful and flexible. I’m not sure it will happen but I am trying!

  7. Um, that video is INSANE. Seriously. I would be amazed if I ever had that sort of control over my body. (And a body that looks good enough to video in my underwear, ha.)

  8. Emily

    Yes, to all of this! I wasn’t a yoga fan — I got bored — until I started practicing regularly and going to really challenging classes and then seeing development and improvement. And I just feel so much stronger. Next up, I will conquer headstand and perhaps forearm balance.

    I will always and forever dislike pigeon though 🙂

  9. ali

    impressive video, although it looks a little too much like an underwear commercial 🙂

  10. yes! yes to all those reasons and more. I practice because it keeps me in tune and sane. good way to get off the mind and just BE on the mat.

  11. Ed

    I do practice yoga, mainly when i am in an area that has group classes…I used dvd’s for about a year before I worked up the courage to try a class…but I wqas hooked as soon as I took my first class with my wife. It was very motivating to work with a class and see other people either struggling with a pose (made me feel good i wasnt the only one) or mastering a pose (make me feel like i could accomplish it one day)…

    I find yoga to be very liberating and refreshing. I also find after a while of consistent practice I discover new muscles I never knew I had!…I recommend it to anyone!

  12. MIND BLOWN! Sadly, I don’t practice… but you always make me want to!

  13. I’m going to watch the video later, but it already looks cool after the first few seconds. I am going to hot yoga tonight after a long break from it and I’m super excited. I’m planning on putting yoga on the schedule every Tuesday so I force myself to do it (which I love) either in a class or at home to a podcast. Humble – so true, it brings that quality to us. It also makes me realize I have so much more to grow and learn and it’s one area I don’t always feel strong at athletically.

  14. wait, you don’t wake up every day in your perfect interior-designed loft and do yoga while flashing your perfect ass in your underwear? weird, I do.

  15. Speechless – seriously!

    I do it to build up my core. My lower back took a severe hit when my daughter was born, I’m trying to help it out.

    Thanks for posting this, truly inspirational!

  16. Wow! That video was amazing! I’ve only recently been to my first yoga class and I’m already a huge fan. Love it!

  17. One word – AMAZING! I have been wanting to learn yoga for the past few months and this video really inspires me to take the next step and join a class 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

  18. I practice yoga because it helps my back and it’s one of the only things I’ve found that can slow my mind down- For whatever reason, I can bring all my focus and energy to my practice. If I could do that with everything else, I’d be so much more productive. Some day! 🙂

  19. I always promise myself I’m going to start going to a yoga class, but it doesn’t happen. I did prenatal yoga when pregnant and loved it, but I know my tight runner’s muscles neeeeeed to go back. Thanks for the reminder… I’m going to try really hard to get there once a week!

  20. it took me so long to really give yoga a fair shake and now i agree i love it…it has taught me so much beyond just the physical

    • Heather C

      It took me almost a year to really think the classes were enjoyable! Granted, I just went with friends to Bikram…so I jumped right into the brutal stuff 🙂

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  22. that video was INCREDIBLY inspiring, wowzers!

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