Simple Note: Love Grown Foods Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the Love Grown Foods giveaway, sharing what layer you’d shed to make life a little bit simpler.  The comments are feeding the thoughts that will eventually form themselves into a post on the year to come, but we’ll talk about that later…

For now, the winner is: Triathlete’s Trials

image      Cocoa Goodness LGFimage

Congrats! Please e-mail me your shipping address ( heatherdcal @ gmail dot com), and you’ll be receiving three bags of LOVE!

LGF healthy affordable delicious

{Thanks to for making the “giveaway winner” decision!}

In the name of simplicity here, the last two runs (i.e. the first two of the new year) have been completed without technology! Nope, no Garmin, no stopwatch, no iPod, etc. Just me, the run-buddy & the roads.

Is your year starting on a simple note?



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4 responses to “Simple Note: Love Grown Foods Winner!

  1. simple yes but due to an injury ….

  2. The entire time I was home I ran sans headphones and forgot just how much I loved it! Definitely feeling the freedom there…

  3. Hmmm..somewhat simple. Could always be simpler, though! 🙂

  4. Yum! Thank you! I can’t wait to try it! I will send you my mailing address 🙂

    My New Year is starting off busy, busy…lots to do in my final semester of grad school. I did run without watch or ipod yesterday and I loved the freedom to just roam and go for as long as I felt like going 🙂

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