2011: The Loud Year

At the start of 2011, D & I lived in Denver. We were probably covered in snow, and we definitely had no idea how this year would treat us.

One of my first posts quoted my theory about the days to come…

Starting 2011

It started off as the year of exploring fitness! I had little interest in the frozen sidewalks, and invested quite a bit of time with my yoga mat, the Ryder bike & lululemon crew.

home yoga studio Jan. 2011

Qi Ryders Mountain Warrior ClassWarrior Workout

One big Goal was finally checked – Create & lead a weekly group run for lululemon {Cherry Creek}.

First Cherry Creek lululemon Group Run March 2011

Spring: An adventure back to DC treated us well – after 8 long months, I laid my eyes on Lincoln, spent time with the familiar crew, and realized the legs were ready to exceed their limit. An unexpected PR was added to the trip’s accomplishments!

Run DC 2011DC national half group

In April, I started a new job as an RD in Marketing. I ran with my sister for her second half-marathon, and suddenly realized I hadn’t consumed animal products for a full 365 days. Veg-strong!

Platte River Half Marathon Gals
Veg Strong

May brought on the third move in less than a year – we thought this one was “for the long term!”…

May move 2011

Summer: As sunshine joined the party, I traveled west to see the other Washington for the first time, and I put the lululemon hat back on, becoming the Cherry Creek Run Ambassador.

Small Planet Foods June 2011

July kicked off with a 14,000 ft. high challenge – we woke up one morning and decided to climb Gray’s Peak. Somehow our lungs and legs made it to the top, where the Colorado view will instantly make you forget the difficulty in getting there.

Hello, gorgeous!

Grays Peak July 2011

At the end of the month, I bid adieu to the craziness that was my 24th year of life, and said hello, 25, please be nice.

letter to 25

Hah, oh opportunities – who knew you’d come knockin’ so quickly?

August had a life of its own, flipping our lives upside down & back around…

DC 2011

Fall: We landed back in DC! We unpacked for the second (and last) time in 2011, and slipped right back into our routine. I picked up my training for marathon #3 with an ambitious attitude {“Do it Now!”}, and finally toed the starting line of DC’s biggest running event – the Marine Corps Marathon.

MCM Bib pick up 2011MCM Before 2011

Another big goal got a big check in the box – 3:37 marathon, done!

MCM Finisher photo 2011MCM PR 2011

November kicked off the year-end celebrations – we finally experienced some down-time, with a cross-country island vacation.

Beach me!

hawaii 2011

Winter: We returned to what felt like a Fall-winter, spoiled by sunny days perfect for some year-end mileage and our first Christmas in the nation’s capital!

Christmas Apartment 2011Xmas 2011 Dinner Spread


This year was loud – doors opened, my goal-seeking attitude spoke up & we basically shouted Sure! Why not? to every opportunity.

I like to think I take changes in stride, and am now the well-adjusted, easy-goin’ gal that looks forward to every chance to step outside the comfort zone.

Welcome to the game, 2012!

In some ways, I hope this year plans to continue challenging that perspective! But in other ways, I hope it’s quiet



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12 responses to “2011: The Loud Year

  1. I love the idea of living a “loud” year – even if that loudness meant LOTS of change thrown your way. While I hope your hear is a little less “loud” in terms of crazy rollercoasters for you, I hope you still continue to live out loud, it’s a great way to be. 🙂

  2. Emily

    Crazy awesome year. I think you can still have a loud 2012, but maybe without all the moves? I’d prefer you stay in DC 🙂

    Also, I need some of your yoga skillz. The headstand is on my list of things to tackle in 2012!

  3. um, your year has been ridiculous! still glad you’re back. 🙂

  4. Nice recap!! Let me know when you meet up with your friend — look forward to chatting! 🙂

  5. Well, you definitely had a very busy year. But a very good busy year! 🙂

  6. Such a crazy, insane, awesome year you had chica!

  7. this year was definitely loud for you, but also i’d say it was PROUD!!

  8. I write my time goals on my hands too! Congrats on such a fulfilling year.

  9. That’s a lot of stuff to happen in one year… luckily, it’s all good stuff! I love the way you embrace change & challenge – you’re always ready for whatever life has in store for you! Happy New Year! 🙂

  10. what a year! isn’t it amazing to look back and see everything you’ve done? one of the best parts of blogging is being able to document it all. 🙂 cheers to 2012!

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  12. Lauren

    Love it!! You did so much this year! I though I did a lot with graduating, Dallas, Phoenix and ABQ but then I read this! haha. Love you! Can’t wait to visit in DC. 🙂 Keep up the awesome blogs this year, I love reading it!

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