Capturing Christmas

If I can’t be with my family in our home, having D + my parents here, in our home city, is the next best thing.

With only a few moments to spare for relaxing, many more were spent indulging and exploring. The District seems to be asleep, and blissfully empty, during this holiday weekend. We put on our Tourist hats with our festive dress-up clothes, and had a great time.

The weekend was kicked off in style on Christmas Eve; we attended this season’s very last Nutcracker performance at the Warner Theater, walked to the historic Round Robin Bar at the Willard Hotel (famous for their original Mint Julip and coining the term Lobbyists) for a drink – try the Poinsetta, refreshing & bubbly – and continued our stroll by passing the White House (Aloha, Obamas!) and landing at the Hay Adams’ Lafayette Dining Room for dinner.

Yes, D is one heck of a festive evening planner.

Photos, slightly blurry, courtesy of D lending over the iPhone to my hands.

2011 Xmas Nutcracker Date12.24 Nutcracker
12.24 Warner Theater

12.24 Willard Hotel12.24 Willard drinks

12.24 Hay Adams 212.24 Hay Adams 4

See the White House, behind that bright light? Our dinner-time neighbors.

12.24 Lafayette Dining Room12.24 Hay Adams Tree12.24 Dessert

We ended the night by joining hundreds of other people seated in rows and ready to sing – at the National Cathedral 10 p.m. service.

National Cathedral Xmas Ticket
National Cathedral Xmas 2National Cathedral Xmas 4


Finally, the big day comes & goes…

Christmas Apartment 2011Xmas 2011 Breakfast Spread
Xmas 2011 Gifts
Xmas 2011 1Xmas 2011 Family

Mt Vernon Xmas 3Mt Vernon Xmas 4
Mt Vernon Xmas 5Mt Vernon Xmas 8
Mt Vernon Xmas 10
Mt Vernon Xmas 16Mt Vernon Xmas 17

12.24 Cookies close up 2
Xmas 2011 Dinner Spread

It was a gorgeous day in the city – middle pictures: we spent the afternoon at Mt Vernon, along with throngs of other people who had the same idea  – and a fun challenge to put that dinner spread together! Tiny kitchens have nothin’ on me + the Mom-help.

All in all? This DC-style Christmas was one for the books. It will probably be a while before we spend another holiday like that in the District, so I’m glad we checked the boxes.




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13 responses to “Capturing Christmas

  1. Emily

    Looks like the perfect Christmas. I can’t wait to host friends and family at my own place rather than going back to my parents’ house.

    What’s in the Poinsetta? And is that a seasonal thing I’ll have to go try like now?

    • Heather C

      It was ‘Sparkling Wine’ + Cranberry juice + …..something else? Delicious, but I’d save it for a special occasion in which you’re okay spending almost $15 per drink… 😉

  2. Swoon! Those pics are gorgeous and it looks like y’all had an amazing Christmas! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, Heather, that looks like a picturesque weekend! how fun. Love the reds in the top photos and that yummy looking feast you guys cooked. I missed having the manfriend here for Christmas. Looking forward to starting our own Christmas traditions and figuring out how to fit in the family stuff too because I love it all. Part of growing up I guess…we can’t do the same traditions forever. Glad you guys had such a great weekend.

  4. awww, looks like it was a lovely weekend. merry christmas!

  5. it looks like an awesome christmas! and very cool that you got to experience so much of dc without massive crowds!

  6. Love that you went to the National Cathedral!!

    My son is visiting DC this week. He went to Mt. Vernon yesterday, so it was especially fun to see your photos. Said he saw where George Washington slept!

  7. Mamacita

    Yes it was a wonderful Christmas weekend with the two of you! Thanks again for everything. Love the photos! We will have to make the Poinsetta cocktail next year. Yum.
    Love, Mamacita

  8. Joslynn

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Glad your folks enjoyed a great weekend in DC! How was the Nutcracker?? I went to the one here in Boston. I think that makes the holidays more fun!

  9. wow that all looks so perfect and gorgeous! swoon

  10. sounds like a lovely Christmas, dear Heather! I love the photos of family time and beautiful scenery…and food. I’m craving waffles all of a sudden. 🙂

  11. Sounds PERFECT! Glad you had such a nice holiday at home, enjoying the company of your parents and the Capital’s finest!

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