Christmas in the Capital

Within my immediate family, we’re all branching outside of tradition for this year’s Christmas celebration. The three kids will be spread out in three different locations – New Mexico, Kentucky, and DC!

I won’t have my sister to decorate all of the presents with an almost-obnoxious, but actually adorably endearing amount of ribbons, bows & tape. We won’t get ready together, join the ranks & grab the pets for a big family photo, and we won’t head to the usual Christmas Eve Candle-light service, wherein my brother makes it a game to blow out each of our candles at least twice.

Yes, we’re all in our 20s. I know.

But, my parents will be here (tonight!), and our weekend is full of the things you can only do in this city. We do have our tree up, stockings hung & gifts wrapped.

We also have Christmas music playing via Pandora’s Tchaikovsky / Classics station, or the radio’s fun mix, nonstop.

Our xmas apartment 2011White House ornament 2011

And to keep some traditions in check, our fridge is stocked with sparkling wine, winter ale, and the means to make a Christmas feast!

Oh, yes, that menu is finally settled. AND we have groceries. Success!

On our Christmas Dinner Table:

Turkey (for the rest of the crew. We selected a “Vegetarian Diet Fed”, hormone-free, organically raised Turkey. It has been well over a year since I’ve purchased meat, but I think Whole Foods served us well.)

Sweet Potato Casserole (ahem, candied yams)
Homemade Stuffing (using inspiration from Mama Pea’s recipe)
Balsamic-glazed Green Beans (a la Cooking Light)
Spinach Salad, with pecans & dried cranberries

Peppermint Mocha Cookies & Pumpkin Pie

We will be cozy in our humble apartment, happy to be with my parents and well-fed.


Happy Holidays!



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12 responses to “Christmas in the Capital

  1. Looks like you’re all set and the menu sounds fantastic! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Lauren

    peppermint mocha cookies?? Whaaaa?? I want one! I know I’ve said this a bunch but I MISS YOU and all of our Christmas traditions!! Have a great Christmas with the parentals. Love Love Love

  3. Have an awesome Christmas friend! It sounds perfect to me 🙂

  4. I’m such a cookie brain right now that I haven’t even thought about a dish for Christmas dinner!

  5. Its hard when family is spread all over! My brother and sister-in-law are in SC and I’m back in Ohio with my parents. Its hard we can’t all be together, but we’re having a belated Christmas over new years 🙂

  6. sounds wonderful, my friend! Merry Christmas to you, and enjoy every minute with your parents! xo

  7. Ah, that sounds like a nice Christmas and feast! It is weird when everyone starts doing new/different traditions. Hard to adjust when those traditions have always felt right, but eventually new traditions and festivities will be made. Fun to see you in Anne’s posts!

  8. It hard switching up traditions at times, but it can also be really good to be thankful where you are, right? Have a wonderful weekend with the parents and merry christmas!

  9. Emily

    Mmm peppermint mocha cookies. Once I come down from the sugar high I’ve been on for weeks and get back on some sort of normal diet, I’ll be ready for such deliciousness!

  10. I hope you had an excellent Christmas – looks like you were well-prepared! We were all home this year (again), but I wonder how long it’ll be before everyone (all the siblings) aren’t in one place for Christmas!

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