Just a Few Things: Winter Holiday Edition

Confession: I have been listening to the Christmas radio station, nonstop, for about a week now. Last Christmas season I got a FULL dose (and then some) of holiday music at the store, and I honestly thought I may never want to listen to the stuff again.

Well, I was wrong.

And I’m totally okay with belting out Jingle House Rock in my car, while in my head I think about the Mean Girls’ dance moves.

lululemon run for it tight Obsession: My {growing} collection of lululemon running tights. I had a gift card to the spend from Denver (yes, I hoard gift cards and wait way too long to spend the money), and I finally picked up what I needed – the Run For It Tight.

“High-rise thermal running tights will give you the warm n’ fuzzies. Made with super soft & breathable tech fleece for ultimate muscle support & moisture control.”

Love. That’s all.

{Side note: Lulu, put some running shoes and a shirt on this chick. No one is wearing running tights barefoot and without a top. So strange.}

Realization: I love classical music. Yup, the stuff my Mom used to put on the radio when we were younger as we cringed and immediately changed it back to Pop. The stuff that makes holiday music sound that much better. The stuff we danced to in ballet class, and played on the piano.

I once thought it must only enjoyed by the older and wiser (and that may still be true). Yet, I can’t get myself to change Pandora off of “Tchaikovsky Waltz”.

Want: A finalized holiday menu! I am procrastinating on this, 100%, and it is too close to crunch time! Apparently I will be that person who shops on the 23rd of December –  joining the ranks! – to stock up the kitchen and get everything ready at the very last minute.

Now I understand why Martha, Paula Dean and the likes have all of those books, tips and even entire shows devoted to the art of hosting. It’s no easy feat.

Need: Our kitchen to double in size, just for Christmas Day.’

A piano would be nice, too (along with the wall-space for it). Reasonable requests, I know.

Do it Now Up: The number of checked boxes on the to-do list! I have one small present left to get, and wrap; one menu to finalize (yeah…that…); Mt Vernon tickets to secure and a few days left on the countdown to the Parents’ arrival!

Down: Average pace and my attitude towards waking up in the morning! Last week it was a struggle, every day. This week, it’s still that love/hate alarm clock tango, but Kate and I have had two good runs in a row (defined by a speedier-than-it-feels pace) and I’m thanking the legs for cooperating, as always.


What’s going on in your holiday-frenzy world?

{ For non-Christmas celebrators: Happy first day of Hannukah! }



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24 responses to “Just a Few Things: Winter Holiday Edition

  1. I have yet to host Christmas – overwhelming, much?? I’m sure it will all come together beautifully. Good luck with the last minute preparations!

    Pretty much ready here… shopping done, food purchased for my contributions to Xmas eve and day dinners at my Mom’s.

    Now if I could kick this nasty cold in time to ENJOY the holidays. Boooo.

  2. Emily

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is in a few days. I think it’s that I don’t really get any time off this year. I still have shopping to do!

    Also, we used to call classical music “old-people” music. Geez. Little kids can be dumb sometimes 🙂

  3. Mamacita

    What is this I read ~ you love classical music. Well that makes mamacita happy. Don’t stress over the XMAS dinner; we will all pitch in and fix the meal together. See you soon!
    Love, Mamacita

  4. Rachel

    I have to admit I’ve been listening to Christmas tunes almost nonstop myself! But I didn’t start on Black Friday like they do at the store. Maybe that’s the key to not overdosing? 🙂

  5. LOL! i have yet to hear much christmas music here. Its really strange. It doesn’t even feel like christmas. And i have a feeling i would be with you on this shopping list. They don’t call me last minute lindsay for a reason! best of luck

  6. Love the classical music love! And I love to cook but Christmas? Crazy. You can borrow my kitchen (which might be smaller than yours) if you want. 🙂

    • Heather C

      Actually it’s about twice the size…yup! That’s what we’re dealing with…

      If you weren’t 15 miles away (? total guess) I’d take you up on that offer 😉

  7. Because I commute like a fiend, I usually have audio books on in my car, but when I don’t it’s all about the classical!

  8. I used to hate my parents/grandparents love for classical music. My piano teacher always tried to push me to play it as well but I was just more in to playing newer tunes. I think it would be amazing to learn some of those classical pieces now! This year I have been seriously procrastinating everything about the holidays. I have only bought one gift. 😐

  9. I have been listening to jolly music when I can. Mariah, Bing Crosby and Michael Buble are my favs right now.

    And those pants do look cozy. Believe it or not, I only own ONE pair of full length running tights and those are several years old. Time to replace and add a few more full lengthers to my woredrobe. My legs will thank me. 🙂

    It’s weird to be working during the Christmas week and trying to also feel in the holiday spirit. 🙂

    • Heather C

      I only had one full length pair, too! Not really sure how I managed that last year, in Colorado….oof.

      Gradually, the winter running collection is growing!

  10. Ahh I’m obsessed with the Christmas stations on Pandora!
    Totally random-but I think we both were at Penn State at the same time because you look so familiar. Nutritional Sciences 2007/2008?

  11. yay for lulu run tights! we don’t get all of the same product in our region as y’all do in colder regions, but I love our run tights. it’s a frenzy everyday at work lately, but in a great way. I love being busy, and I love the Christmas music!

    • Heather C

      Ha, yeah I guess long running tights wouldn’t really be a best-seller in Dallas… 😉 I remember having a lot of very warm, poofy & cozy winter coats last year, too. I got my coat from there and I’m still 100% in love with it…

  12. Lauren

    Confession: I have now convinced mom that country music is better than classical and now Pa cringes when we both turn it on. 😉

    On another note, Dust and I have been listening to the Pandora Christmas station a lot lately. I love it! Now I just need to bake sugar cookies and take a cheesy picture pretending to cut the dough but really only focusing on smiling. Oh and one of those while hanging ornaments on the tree also. Yup. I like those tights! I def need to check out the lulu here in ABQ. Maybe we could go together if you ever come visit me. Hint Hint 😉

  13. Gearing up for a week of holiday travel with a toddler. Thankfully, it’s two adults to one toddler, but honestly most days we seem outnumbered 🙂 Good thing he’s cute…

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