You Can’t Beat Home Sweet Home

We’re staying in DC for the holiday. We have all of the city Christmas things on the agenda, and it will be so relaxing to be sleeping in and lounging on Saturday, vs. attacking the traveling crowds and flying across the country (i.e. my “normal”). This time, my parents will be flying to us, and I can’t wait to have them here!

But, something about Christmas tells my nostalgia that there should be a warm house, a large tree, and a few days out of the city and in the small town atmosphere where you have no obligations (and not much to do, anyway).

Stress wasn’t invited to the party, and I let the door hit it on the way out. Breathe, relax, pack the car and hit the road!

We visited D’s family for the weekend, in North Carolina, and it was just what this season needed to feel like it is definitely Christmas time!

NC Xmas DecorationsNC Xmas Tree

Yes, this.

We hung around the house, sat by the space heater, ate a few too many handfuls of holiday M&Ms and candied pecans, opened gifts, cooked dinner and went to a movie. I also joined Mrs. C for Zumba – when in NC, right? (Zumba is a blast, by the way.)

Broccoli may have been the only green thing that I ate all weekend, and that dancing class may have been the only time my heart rate exceeded “resting”. And that’s what a holiday weekend is for.

NC Xmas Dinner 1NC Xmas Dinner greens
NC Xmas Dinner 2NC Xmas Dinner plate


NC Xmas D giftsNC Xmas D 3

One Christmas celebration down, and one to go! We’re very lucky to have the families that we do – and lucky to have two weekends in a row to spread some holiday love around.

Happy Holiday weekwhatever it is you’re celebrating!



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13 responses to “You Can’t Beat Home Sweet Home

  1. Awww fun!!! I’m flying home Thursday and I’m so excited!!

  2. looks like such a fun christmas celebration! my husband and i are from the same hometown, which is nice, but that means that we have 5 family christmas celebrations in two days. it’s going to be an intense weekend!

  3. Jamie

    Thanks for the left over salmon and roasted potatoes!!! I loved looking at these pics!! Ahhhh…’s Christmas for sure!!

  4. Lauren

    Looks like you guys had fun!!

  5. It’s really positive! Happy Christmas! ))


    What a great start to the holiday. My gym is offering passes for out of town visitors, what a great idea to try something new. Happy Holidays!!

  7. Sounds PERFECT! Glad you got to enjoy a little family weekend getaway… and so exciting that your fam is coming to town for Christmas!

  8. Mamacita

    Very cute pics. Glad you two had a great time in NC. We are excited to see you guys on Friday; it’s going to be a fun “Christmas in DC” weekend. Love, Mamacita

  9. Those weekends are needed sometimes. I feel like I’ve had those days here and there lately and it’s been nice but then I jump right back into the stress and exercise and forget about all that relaxation. 🙂 Anyway, taking a vacation day today (to take the manfriend to the airport) and it feels like Christmas vacation even though I’m going back to work tomorrow. At least it’s a short week!

  10. y’all are precious! so glad you had the chance to get away and start your Christmas celebration early. hope the remainder of your week continues to be wonderful. 🙂 xo

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