Overslept & Salvaged

For the time being, the weeks fill up quickly and I take on the challenge of having at least one or two nights per week at home – to do nothing. I love a good mix of days where I’m busy, meeting up with friends, heading out for group runs, stretching out at yoga, and then just cruisin’ straight to the couch with my laptop & sweatpants.

The latter really balances out everything else.

Monday I swapped an outing for a run around the ‘hood with Kate (which was exactly what both of us needed on that day); Tuesday I kept the slate clean, no plans and nothing but “relax” on the agenda.

Last night I was out n’ about, and thanks to the 20 minute wait for the Metro, I got home around 10. Now I realize that hour isn’t breaking any records or shocking anyone, by any means, but when you have a 5:20 alarm coming for you and haven’t had dinner by 10 pm….well, “do as I say, not as I do”, says the late-night-eating, early-alarm-setting RD.

Today, when the clock struck 5:20 and my phone let out that obnoxious squeal, my brain and legs didn’t meet me in the middle.

Nope. The brain turned off the alarm; the legs stayed put in bed.

Tired Cat

An hour later, I woke up with a jolt, knowing I left the Run-buddy hanging.Gah!

Overslept? Okay, fine. Not a great start to the day. Getting another hour of sleep? Okay, body, I hear you. I demand balance, you demand some shut-eye!


For a solo adventure (unusual, for me and these running legs), I quickly* mapped out a new route, got dressed and headed out the door in the sunshine (also unusual, for me).  It was a relatively warm morning, the route was great, the muscles agreed with all aspects of this plan, and I had a good run.

Six miles later? Morning = salvaged.

*"Quickly” creating a new route may not be your best move. You may forget where exactly to turn, and what exact street you’re even looking for. Just don’t get lost.

Balance = restored.

I came home to the radio on blast and Christmas music filling up the living room. (and a certain someone loving every beat). These holiday weeks might be a little crazy, but man, they’re fun.


How’s the week shaping up for you?

Keeping things in check, in balance, and in the holiday spirit?



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8 responses to “Overslept & Salvaged

  1. Turn that negative straight into a positive. You needed your sleep, and look how it paid off!

    I am getting so excited about going home I can hardly stand it. I have tipped the scales with an abundance of holiday cheer! I can’t help myself!

  2. I am trying to enjoy my share of sweatpants evenings… definitely needed for sanity!

    Glad you were able to salvage the morning. Sometimes 5:20am just can’t happen!

  3. It’s just that crazy time of year where there’s never enough time for anything. I’m glad you’re feeling better with the added sleep!

  4. ha, that’s how I felt this morning! I had to do 9 and oof – my legs were just not interested! that’s ok, I’ll sleep in on………monday?

  5. I’m glad you listened to your body and got some extra rest instead of forcing yourself up at 5:20 (that’s when I get up, too, ha!). Plus – you still got a great run in, double bonus!!

  6. I NEED that balance too! This week it was something to do on Mon, Wed and Fri night and keeping Tues and Thurs nights free. If I have things going on every day after work I turn into a stressball!

  7. Emily

    This was totally me this morning. But I did the opposite of salvage. It’ll have to wait until tonight, I suppose 🙂 I’m trying to remind myself that this is the offseason and it’s ok and that I’ll appreciate the fact that I took a break when I’m in the middle of marathon training!

  8. You are so speaking my language! I love being out and about (last night had a lulu holiday fun run!), but I NEED my nights at home with sweatpants, Love Grown Foods granola, and my laptop. I do think it’s so important to give our bodies the sleep it desires for the most part. Healthy rested bodies allow us to do all that running and out and about we enjoy. 🙂

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