Lining up to Rock, Roll & Blossom

The Spring race line-up is filling itself up pretty nicely – the legs now have two DC adventures on the agenda (both of which they’ve stomped on before), with a to-be-decided, late Spring destination* marathon in the works.

Last week I finally signed up for what will be my third round with one particular race in the District – Suntrust CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Rock ‘n’ Roll National Marathon and Half Marathon.

Yeah. Say that three times, fast.

I made the Full decision once, but that was enough. There are more reasons than one to stick with the half, in my opinion – so that’s what we’re doing! The big difference is that this time around, I’ll be racing for more than myself.

Registration Confirmation. National Half 2012

Officially FundRacing (aka fundraising + racing) for the first time, I’ll be running for Back on My Feet!

If you would like to help out, my fundraising page can be found here, on Thank you!

Assuming things go well, this will not only be the third time my feet run this course, but it’ll also be the third time they PR on it. We’ve got plans…

Who else is in for the Rock ‘n’ Roll style DC race?? This is a popular race to begin with; I imagine it’ll be fun to have the RnR peeps join us for the fiesta! I’m prepared to do some convincing for those of you who are on-the-fence, or looking for an early-spring destination race…


Yesterday, another race was added to the list in the form of a Congratulatory e-mail from the folks behind the Credit Union Cherry Blossom race. We, as Team Podrepac, entered the lottery and got lucky!

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Congrats E-mail

Whoop! I will be there, and the Cherry Blossoms better be, too.
Last time I ran this race (2009), the blossoms were long gone. This means you get to run a long, boring loop around Haines Point with nothing to look at but the green grass and the dirty Potomac river.

Who else will be joining us on a hopefully sunny, pink-flower filled DC morning?


*Destinations are still being considered for the full 26.2 adventure. I will BQ, I will travel and I will add a new state to the race list! Suggestions are welcomed.

I like how you’re lining up, Spring! There are a few things to be added to your agenda, but I think we’re off to a great start.

Now DC, if we could just quickly put this “winter” thing behind us, that would be ideal. The legs and I have some business to run to!



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30 responses to “Lining up to Rock, Roll & Blossom

  1. Still trying to figure out if I’ll be able to run long distances on my injured ankle, but signing up now is a great motivator!

  2. We didn’t get into Cherry Blossom 😦
    But I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half!

    I’m not sure about a spring full marathon. I kind of enjoyed loading up my fall, and should probably work on my half marathon speed rather than longer distances. But maybe I’ll put more than two weeks between marathons next year!

    • Heather C

      Aw, man! Well the Rock n’ Roll should be a blast, and there’s also the GW Parkway 10-miler in April 🙂

      I’ll be happy to do a Spring marathon, and then take off in the Fall – hah, all about the balance. I hear ya.

  3. Oh I didn’t realize the Rock n’Roll race in DC had a full marathon option. I just did my first one this past weekend but want to sign up for one early spring..this might be it!

  4. NJ Marathon! It’s late Spring (May 6th) and super flat, along the beach. Also it wouldn’t involve too much traveling since it would probably be a 4-5 hr drive from DC. Cheaper than airfare. I’m pretty sure it would be a new state for you too, right?

    Although the general consensus in the blog world for a spring marathon seems to be Eugene 2012 – that could work for you too!

    • Heather C

      Hah, well driving is definitely cheaper than flying in this case – I’ll add it to the list of maybes! It would be a new state, I haven’t run anywhere on the East Coast besides DC, MD & Pennsylvania.

  5. Looks like two awesome races on the schedule so far! Congrats on getting into Cherry Blossom, and awesome on the “FundRacing” for RnR. Good luck on choosing your BQ race. Are you thinking spring or waiting til fall?

    • Heather C

      Definitely spring! I want to take the summer/Fall to just hang out and do fun races, and then get back into training for Boston (*all fingers crossed*) in the late winter… 🙂

  6. I’m running both the half and the cherry blossom 10 miler too!!!!

  7. Show winter no mercy! This is fantastic, what an amazing time to race. THE most beautiful time in DC, I can smell spring:)

  8. Oh I love it – and the cause you’re running for, especially!! Sounds like a good race lineup is well underway for you!

  9. Hey hey! I’m running…signed up for the full but not so sure about it! Anyway, so cool to see you are fund racing. I’m totally involved in BOMF now…which location are you at again? Will you be at the Christmas party on Thursday? If so, we definitely need to say hello. I will be there! Let me know!

  10. Vermont City Marathon – memorial day weekend! It ends right on the gorgeous Burlington waterfront, and there’s tons of crowd support.

  11. Jenna Leigh

    I’m with Ericka – I signed up for the full (would be my first) but I’m not so sure about it. I find it really hard to train in the winter, so I know it will be a challenge.

    I love the idea of destination runs. I ran in the Other Half half marathon in Moab, Utah, this fall, and it was the most fun trip of my life. The backdrop of the canyons was spectacular.

    For a destination marathon, I think Vancouver could be a good option. It is supposed to be one of the best races to turn into a vacation. It would be really pretty and is fairly flat. Travelling there is a bit of a con though. Also, it is not until june 17.

    • Heather C

      It’s definitely a challenge to train through the winter, especially depending on how DC decides to treat us during Jan-Feb 🙂 Would this be your first?

      I’ve done a race in UT, too, and wow it was amazing. Destination races are always worth the expense, in my opinion! I’d LOVE to come to Vancouver – thanks for the idea!

  12. Karen

    I am running the Cherry Blossom too! I think you should come up to Ohio in May and run the Flying Pig Marathon!

  13. Harley

    Hi! I am a reader of your awesome blog and fellow DC resident/fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I’ll also be running in the Rock n’Roll and Cherry Blossom!!! Woot, looking forward to it 🙂

  14. Yahoo! I’d love to run the Cherry Blossom someday. I should plan a trip around that in the next few years. I think I’m running Eugene Marathon, but I’m ready to do another destination race. It’s just so darn spendy!

  15. KathyQ

    I am doing both the National Half and the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, too!

  16. Lauren

    I hope I can run the half with you!! 🙂 I want to run another race so bad! You are so motivating!

  17. joslynn

    If you are looking for a random spring marathon…do the Shiprock Marathon! lol I am doing it next May! I am using it as a visit to my parents and a fun running adventure. I am so excited you will be a fundracer for BoMF! Hope the morning runs are coming along easy!

  18. whooop whoop! I’ll be at National but not Cherry Blossom…getting too close to that terrifying race coming up next june.

  19. Emily

    Eugene. But you already knew that 🙂

    I don’t know anyone who *didn’t* get into Cherry Blossom! I’ll come down and spectate the fun! And I’ll be at National.

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