Yoga: Things That Might Make My Arms Fall Off

There was once a time when I frequented the studio. I  rolled out my mat on most days of the week, trying to fight against my inflexible genetics to “further my practice”, and ultimately stand upside down without support (that’s on most people’s bucket list, right?). I started a 25-day challenge (prompted by Sassy), and ended the month of December with an entirely new outlook on this bendy-posing thing.

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That month changed a lot of things in my mind, and I never looked back.

When we boomerang’d to DC, my running was much more of a priority – train, meet Kate in the mornings, get across the MCM finish line. We hit the mat at Stroga once – maybe twice – per week, and that was that (though Beth’s classes are arguably a two-in-one – she will not leave you with any energy to spare).

Now, I currently have three purchased groupons / holiday-deals for three different studios. Suddenly this week, my old habit resurfaced. I took a tally and have a total of 20 classes to use, with a variety of options.

Winter, you are the perfect yoga friend – cold air, dark mornings and evenings, and eventually snow? I’ll venture inside to my mat more often, thanks.

So, what was different this week? Well, my arms will be the first to tell you that we’ve stepped it up! We started with a Sunrise Yoga (6 a.m.) on Monday morning, and the triceps, biceps and shoulders have been sore ever since.

This class just happened to include quite a few chatarangas, and chataranga push-ups (down & hold/hover, back up in to plank – repeat). We then happened to have a Push-Up Tabata session at work. And my arms happened to turn into jelly.

Next: a double-class on Wednesday (6 a.m. Sunrise Yoga, 7 a.m. Power Hour Yoga), and another Sunrise class today.

My chatarangas, side-planks and down-dogs may have hard my arms screaming, but that just means they’re still breathing – still attached! That also means we have a long way to go, right? Strengthen up!

Those 20 classes will be checked, and my bendy-poses will be better because of it.


Just because it’s my favorite…


What’s making your muscles speak up this week / weekend?



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10 responses to “Yoga: Things That Might Make My Arms Fall Off

  1. Whew! Hello, buff arms, here she comes!

  2. Great to see you getting back into yoga mode! Your body will thank you, I’m sure.

  3. I am so envious of your gumbi-like ways. Seriously, it’s freaking hot to see women so strong and toned. On that note, hold that headstand a few more minutes for me.

    I hope to get after some more hiking!

  4. Molly is GREAT at yoga. I haven’t been in months, sadly…

    • Heather C

      She can be featured on the next Yoga post! Capture that stuff.

      P.S. You told the wrong person that you’ve been a yoga-slacker…I know where our next HH will be! Mmhm.

  5. I need more friends who are into yoga so I can try poses like that one on top!!!! That’s SO cool!

    • Heather C

      If there is a lululemon store close to you, check out their free class schedule (every store has one!)! This was an “Acro/partner-yoga” class that we did at the store in Denver. My friends and I had a great time!

  6. My yoga studio recently changed ownership & management and everything is kinda crazy and disjointed right now. Which is NOT what one wants in a yoga practice! I kinda dread going. Hopefuly they’ll haven’t all figured out soon!

    • Heather C

      Ah, man. That’s no good! Hopefully they get all their ducks in a row – maybe let the studio owner know your opinion 🙂 They’re usually open to feedback.

  7. I completely agree that yoga is such a good friend for the wintertime! There were a couple of months when the weather was so nice in Dallas and it was difficult for me to choose to go inside for a yoga class after spending a lot of the day inside at the store. But it’s much more appealing with daylights saving time and cooler temps. 🙂

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