The Chocolate Better Be Hot

Tomorrow I’ll be joining “20,000 thousand*” other runners at the National Harbor for an early, cold winter race! We are being promised hot chocolate, and that’s about the only thing keeping me interested at this point.

Well, that and some sweet race swag. See: jacket.

Hot Chocolate 15K Swag Jacket
Hot Chocolate 15K Race Page

RAM Racing – you got me. I will run for chocolate, and I do love Ghirardelli (may or may not have stocked up while at the San Francisco airport for 2 hours at 11 p.m. – priorities!). You know what else I love? Random race distances!

Really, when was the last time you raced a 15k? And on that note, why do we have some races in miles (13.1, 26.2 ) and some in kilometers (5,10, 15 K)? No consistency here! It’s very odd.

Back to the points.

Random race distances means that you usually get an automatic “personal best”, which I’m happy to take as a side with my chocolate. Winter races mean I’ll be needing some throw-away clothes, and/or a tough attitude about that starting “35*” temperature prediction.

After a short run this morning in what should be the exact same temp as tomorrow (and same time), I’ve verified that my face will freeze – but my hands, body & feet should be just fine.

Chocolate means I better run fast, because it sounds delicious!


The goal – 1:12:12** (avg 7:45).

That’s all.


Who else is tying up their racing laces this weekend?

Who else is braving the logistical nightmare that is the HC 15K at the National Harbor? It’ll be fun!

*The latest race update e-mail informed us that “…it’s going to be cold. We have 20,000 thousand runners signed up…”. Running friend, Emma, was quick to point out that this typo suggests there will actually be 20 million runners. I mean, whoa.

**Thanks, RW calculator. My brain doesn’t work in kilometers or 10ths of a mile.



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16 responses to “The Chocolate Better Be Hot

  1. I’d run this race for two reasons: that SWEET race jacket annnd the hot chocolate at the end! Rock it out this weekend, sista!

  2. A jacket is AMAZEBALLS swag. The worst is running a winter race and getting a lame short sleeve cotton tshirt. bah! Have fun!!!

  3. krissy m. murphy

    LOL, i was really contemplating this race too,but as you said: logistical nightmare, especially for out of towners. maybe next year for me 😀 you’re gonna do great though!!!!!!!

  4. Great jacket! I’ve been hearing about this race for months now, you’ll have to let me know how it goes. And as for the 15k distance, well, I just happen to RD a 15k race that you should come run! Remember, Quadzilla? In fact, you can stay here at my place … July 15th. You in?

    Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Ahh going to be SO cold tomorrow morning! But, I’m still looking forward to it! Good luck…I still need to set at least some kind of time goal!

  6. Emily

    Winter, the season of stupid race distances! I have literally no idea how to run an 8K or 15K (or 17.75K, that was a good one), but I do like the automatic PRs. Good luck, have fun, and eat/drink lots and lots of chocolate!

  7. Ooooh I love that jacket and yeah, I would have been sold on the chocolate too!

    Have fun and good luck. Hope you don’t freeze too much!!

    I’m volunteering at our local Santa Shuffle 5K tomorrow… luckily it’s not expected to be toooo cold!

    Have a great weekend!! HO HO HO

  8. I’ll be racing in our Jingle Bell 5k on Sunday in the rain! I’ve tended to neglect the 3.1 distance in the past so I’m excited for this race. I’m even pumped to run in the rain – bring it on!

    Good luck in your race this wknd, that jacket looks awesome! Enjoy the 15k distance – definitely one I need to take on in the near future

  9. Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy that chocolate – hopefully you finish ahead of the majority of the other 20 million runners so that there is actually some left. 😉

  10. I love that jacket! Have a great race! 🙂

  11. I’ll be there!! I brought my tights, which I’m a little sad about. Email me your phone number? Hopefully we can at least say hi! If you want to try to run together that would be cool, 7:45 sounds fast right now. I’m in corral A and meeting would might be a disaster, but keep me posted!

  12. Ed

    Wow sounds like some awesome racing swag…wish I had access to runs like that here!

  13. Oh this sounds like an awesome race! I want to come run with you. 🙂 The Dallas White Rock Marathon is this Sunday – I ran the Half last year. Not running this year, but I’ll be out there cheering with a big group of lulus! It’s supposed to be 30’s and raining so I hope there’s a shift in the weather for the runner’s sake.

  14. National harbor is a disaster. Almost didn’t make it before the end of the expo. Considering sleeping in the car and not leaving the parking lot.

  15. This looks like a really fun race! I was going to do the Nittany Valley Half Marathon this weekend, but the whole thing kind of fell through :(. Have fun, and enjoy some chocolate!

  16. 15K is odd, but I like it. Mainly because of the swag and Ghirardelli. I can’t wait for the race report:)

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