Life is Too Short…

To keep up the theme that has taken up two-thirds of the post this week, “life” jumped right back into a title. It’s hanging on tight! It has learned a few lessons recently; it’s short and fast, so I’m taking note and listening.

Life is too short…

…to be afraid of deep water – the unknown below you.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 066Oahu Hawaii 2011 194

D is a total beach-lover, and I’m usually the opposite. I didn’t like getting sand everywhere (yup, you know. All over.); I didn’t like the taste or feel of salt water; I didn’t like the all-out panic I felt from swimming into waters that house millions of species, and miles of depth.

For whatever reason, this recent trip flipped a switch. Yes, I’m still slightly terrified of dying by shark-attack or stepping on a sting-ray, but if that’s how I go…well, ouch. But at least I will have gone with a fear conquered (and, um, justified), right?

I went running one morning and suddenly got so taken back by the thought of going through a short life without ever really doing something that scares me. Swimming in deep, salty water, with a ton of fish I’ll never recognize or measure up to? Scary. Surfing, to me? Terrifying. So I better do it, huh? Exactly.


…to stay put. Travel {dance, sing & floss}.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 055nyc8.13.11 041

More often than not the cost, the time away, and the logistics are over-analyzed to the point that it is “obviously” not worth it to just go.

My opinion: it’s always worth it. Take a little out of savings (first hint: save! Even just a few bucks here and there.); don’t think about what you’ll “miss”; recognize an opportunity to see something new – it may not come again.

Just. Go.


…to think  your family is anything but the best.

Family: immediate, friends, running groups, a city, etc.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 204
DC.NationalHalf 0188.29.11 029


…to run slow, rest too often or skip a pose.

MCM PRDC SunriseAcroYoga 005


This list could go on and on and on. In light of a new month – the last one in 2011 – here’s hoping this year wasn’t too short for anything you wanted to get out of it.

We have certainly squeezed a lot these days, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Don’t worry, December – I’ve still got some plans left for you.

Life is too short… ____.



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17 responses to “Life is Too Short…

  1. Great post – and such a great reminder.

  2. LOVE this post! You’re absolutely right about single one of your “life is too short…” comments. I agree and need to live a little bit less conservatively I think.

    Here’s one:
    Life is too short to let fear hold you back from taking that leap___(of faith, into that deep water, onto the chicago marathon home page to register on Feb 1…you get the idea!)

  3. Lauren

    Love this post!! Let’s take another trip to the beach and we can scuba dive!! That would be the ultimate thing to do in order to get rid of your fear of water. The ocean is an amazing place! I still sometimes think about the long shot of going back to school somewhere to be a marine biologist. Maybe once this restaurant thing gets old…maybe sooner than later. haha

  4. Life is too short to stay in a place you’re unhappy. That’s what I’ve learned this year. Don’t be afraid to do what others may criticize you for doing. If you have a gut feeling about it, why not do it!? Great post!

  5. yes and yes! life is too short not to go and take risks. Scary but worth te thrill, even the sand between your toes.

  6. Life is too short to wait and hope rather than DO. Working on figuring out that one, but I know it’s true.

  7. shauna

    another way to say the same thing: embrace your FOMO (fear of missed opportunity). get out there and just do it cause what if the opportunity never comes around again!

  8. Ed

    Life is to short to not do things you never thought you would! Whether it is running in a winter storm, jumping out of a plane, spending a month at sea…those are the things you will remember in life…not that night you conquered modern warfare!

  9. Emily

    this is such a good reminder. life is too short not to take risks, to get stuck in a rut, to not do what you really want to do no matter how hard or expensive or whatever it seems. i’m fighting this battle right now 🙂

  10. Mamacita

    Wow this is quite an insightful post and once again I love the pics. As your parents our philosophy always has been that all of you won’t remember and/or care about the furniture,etc we have had ~ what is more important are the trips we have taken together. Those trip memories will be with all of you forever. And yes life is short so make the most of each year and make it memorable. Here’s to swimming in the deep water. Love, Mamacita

  11. Time is a thief I would rob.

    This is beautiful. Life is too short for not being thankful every day. For not putting on a smile. For not getting at it.

    Woo, I feel motivated!

  12. Jenn

    Thank you so much. I needed this post today!

  13. Well it looks like you are due for another trip to Hawaii then. 🙂

    Life is too short to drink cheap wine. Hahaha, I don’t know if I actually believe that (sometimes I drink cheap wine, lol) but my friend’s Mom has this on a sign in her kitchen and it always makes me giggle.

  14. you know I love this one! I actually had/still have the same issues with the ocean. when we lived in Belize, we’d snorkel everyday and I got used to the water…and the sand. but I’d probably have to readjust again. life is too short to be anything but positive. everyday.

  15. Not anyplace to get it done in DC, but have you thought about diving? I bet if you could see and swim with the fish underwater it would give you a whole different feel when you’re at the beach! (We started diving recently and are hooked, but it’s truly an amazing experience — I’m a water-baby, beach-loving person my whole life, but I can see how being underwater would help you change your perspective!)

  16. I’ve had this post flagged for weeks so I could come and say something insightful about how much I like it, but that’s not happening. So just – yes. Thank you. This.

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