Life on Island Time, In Action (II)!

Good morning! Ready to head back to the beach? Yes, me too.

The day after we spent hours touring the island of Oahu, we spent 10 minutes driving to a beach for a little lesson.

Tuesday: Surf the waves!

Oahu Hawaii 2011 245
Oahu Hawaii Beach pic
Oahu Hawaii 2011 238 Oahu Hawaii 2011 239

I happen to have a slightly intense fear of the ocean; when the original surfing lesson plans were made, I was a very obvious no way.

The morning of, my running-brain (i.e. endorphins hard at work) thought “Why  not?”, and I was ALL for it. Do it now! Don’t think twice!

Well, when reservations are made, it’s not exactly prime time for last minute decisions. So, I didn’t get my surf on this time – but believe you me, I WILL.

{I will surf. I will surf. I will surf. Ok. Got it.}

The rest of the crew took their lesson, and got their surf on! I got to play with the parents’ DSLR telephoto lens, and spectate in the sun – not a bad trade off.

Oahu Hawaii Surf boards
Oahu Hawaii Surf Crew

Tuesday night: We learned two things – drinks taste better with 1) umbrellas, and 2) the Hawaiian sunset.

Oahu Hawaii sunset drinkOahu Hawaii 2011 umbrella drinksOahu Hawaii Sunset Kiss
Oahu Hawaii Honolulu Westin Hotel barOahu Hawaii umbrella drinks
Oahu Hawaii Honolulu Sunset
View from the beach-side Honolulu hotel bar.

Wednesday: Our bathing suits were put away for the day, and the hiking shoes were laced up instead! We had new views to check out.

We tackled two must-do hikes, with a lunch break in between. Both of these trails fall into the ‘beginner-friendly’ category. The trail-heads were a mere 10-15 minutes apart, but as you’ll see, the landscape could not have been more different.

First up, Diamond Head! Hello, desert island?

Oahu Hawaii 2011 247Oahu Hawaii 2011 250
Oahu Hawaii 2011 254Oahu Hawaii 2011 257
Oahu Hawaii 2011 259

Oahu Hawaii 2011 269Oahu Hawaii 2011 270
Oahu Hawaii 2011 266

Aloha, Honolulu! You are an urban beauty.

Next up: Manoa Falls. No paved trails, and no desert landscape here. This time the island gave us a dose of tropical.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 304
Honolulu Hike LeavesHonolulu Hike Girls
Honolulu Hike Mom and Dad
Oahu Hawaii 2011 296Oahu Hawaii 2011 287


Thursday: Relax, put the bathing suit back on and be a beach baby. There’s nothing wrong with going down that water slide five or six times; it’s all good if you want to lay on the beach for an hour after that, and float on the lazy river after that.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 010Oahu Hawaii 2011 028
Oahu Hawaii 2011 095Oahu Hawaii 2011 042

All showered and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we did things a little different than most of you. Rather than a turkey, they had the traditional pig. Rather than pie, we had coconut cake.

Paradise Cove, Thanksgiving Luau:

Oahu Hawaii 2011 311Paradise Cove Luau Stage
Paradise Cove Luau Group
Paradise Cove Luau 1Paradise Cove Spear Throw
Paradise Cove Luau TattooParadise Cove Luau 3

Dine, drink, laugh, watch the story-telling dance and soak it all in. This was our last night on the island – an appropriate celebration!


And just like that, our week living life on island time was over.

Mahalo, Hawaii. {Thank you}

Til next time…

Paradise Cove Sunset



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11 responses to “Life on Island Time, In Action (II)!

  1. It’s freezing cold and pouring rain outside and I’m zoning out at my desk trying to get through this morning (let alone, DAY) – thanks for taking me away for a while.

    Love all the action – hiking, surfing, etc. – COMBINED with the relaxing beach & pool time. Perfect mix!

  2. Emily

    Sooooo explain to me why you bothered coming back to DC? Pretty much everything about this looks perfect 🙂

  3. Ahhh Honolulu is GORGEOUS! I must visit Hawaii soon…

  4. I simply want to go to there. I went when I was little but these pics make me want to go back so bad. How beautiful!! Really glad you had such an amazing time.

    I have a serious fear of the ocean as well. I don’t like going where I can’t touch.

  5. Lauren

    OK…let’s go back now. Beach bum lifestyle is still being considered over here.

  6. Ed

    Lucky! Thats all I have to say…well and that I think you have inspired me to go see Hawaii…amazing photos!

  7. Mamacita

    Such beautiful photos and love your recap of our week. FUN FUN FUN!
    Love, Mamacita

  8. Bri

    Looks like you had such a full trip! Beautiful photos and everyone looks so radiant and happy. Luckily the weather in DC wasn’t too cold to welcome you back!

  9. Oh my gosh that looks SO beautiful! It sounds like you guys had a lovely time 🙂 I want to go to the beach!

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