Life on Island Time, In Action (I)!

After having been to Maui twice (totally worth your adventure money!), the Vacation Planners (aka parents) decided we would take our island hopping travels to Oahu this time. As members of the DVC, we knew almost a year in advance that the Aulani resort would be open and in business by Fall 2011. Perfect timing!

This trip has been in the works for almost a year; the countdown was finally over, we landed on the island and had a lot of exploring on the agenda.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 001Oahu Hawaii 2011 010Oahu Hawaii 2011 070
Oahu Hawaii 2011 021Oahu Hawaii 2011 055Oahu Hawaii 2011 092

Saturday: D & I arrived much earlier than the rest of the crew (thanks, Red Eye!). We were lucky to get into the room hours before “check in”, take showers and try to stay awake to avoid the inevitable jet-lag from 14 hours of travel, very little sleep & a six hour time change.

His treat: massages & an afternoon at the spa! Spoiled? Yes. I’ll take it.

The rest of the Fam finally landed on the island and we got our night started.

Sunday: Relax! Soak in the beach, grab groceries for the condo, tackle the slides at the pool, float on the lazy river & go back to the beach. Grab a drink, relax some more.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 Aulani night 1

When in Hawaii, 85* feels warm – 75* feels slightly chilly (see: pull-overs).
So jaded.

Monday: Put on the comfy shoes! We’re circling this entire island (the Hawaiian equivalent of a ROAD TRIP – one in which just  a few hours of driving will take you around an island loop, seeing it all).

We had a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call, a 6:30 a.m. pick-up, and didn’t hit the pause button once. We were on the road, the beach, the tour guide bus or a show-watching seat until 10 p.m.. The stops: Pearl Harbor, the North Shore, the Dole Plantation (pineapples for all), a live-shrimp farm (Eat up!), a famous rock that saw the likes of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall crew, and the Polynesian culture center.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 106Oahu Hawaii 2011 115
Oahu Hawaii 2011 119
Oahu Hawaii 2011 125
Oahu Hawaii 2011 126Oahu Hawaii 2011 148 Oahu Hawaii Pearl Harbor Boat

The USS Arizona is still in the water. A memorial has been built over the boat; a shrine and a tomb to the thousands of lives that changed that day.

Oil still leaks from the ship (and is expected to for at least another 100 years), parts of the Arizona still peak out, and the feeling of life is still in the air.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 141Oahu Hawaii 2011 131 Oahu Hawaii 2011 150Oahu Hawaii 2011 153

Next, we saw pineapples, island mountains & the famous beach on the North side:

Oahu Hawaii 2011 166
Oahu Hawaii 2011 176Oahu Hawaii 2011 179

Oahu Hawaii 2011 190Oahu Hawaii 2011 193
Oahu Hawaii 2011 192Oahu Hawaii 2011 209
Oahu Hawaii 2011 204
The whole crew! Seven people I’d be totally fine being stuck on an island with.

Oahu Hawaii 2011 210Oahu Hawaii 2011 213
When in Hawaii, eat shrimp from a farm on the side of the road (literally).

It’s safe (we’re all still alive); this is as fresh as it gets!

Oahu Hawaii 2011 212Oahu Hawaii 2011 214

When in Hawaii, trust the local (aka tour-guide) when that will take you up a random neighborhood street that dead ends. That end can only mean there’s a view:

Oahu Hawaii 2011 215
Oahu Hawaii 2011 219Oahu Hawaii 2011 226

Oahu Hawaii 2011 222


And from here, we’ll surf, hike, eat, drink & be merry. It’s a good life, on the island. Part II (only so many photos can squeeze on this page) to come…



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25 responses to “Life on Island Time, In Action (I)!

  1. So glad you got to the North Shore. It is BEAUTIFUL

    • Heather C

      So gorgeous! I couldn’t believe how different the sides of the island look – some very desert-ish and dry. Others were so lush and mountainous. It was fun to explore 🙂

  2. I am so glad you had a lovely vaca. It looks amazing, and warm. I chuckled at the pullovers, totally understand.

    I am now craving sushi, that food looks delish.

    Good looking group you got there:) xx

  3. Looks like a blast! 🙂

  4. Such a compliment to your family that you’d be willing to be stuck on an island with them. Looks amazing; I’ve never been to Hawaii.

  5. Sal

    that looks so fantastic. saw “the descendants” last night and spent all night dreaming about a Hawaiian getaway. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I am soooo envious right now! That looks beyond fabulous!

  7. Aaaaand I need to go to Hawaii now – I’ve never been. Looks like SO much fun!

    • Heather C

      It IS. And you should probably get a bike box (if you don’t already have one), so you can explore the island roads the adventurous way 😉

  8. Dustin S

    Today is dreadfulllllll 😦
    Such an amazing time!

  9. I need need neeeeeed to get my butt to Hawaii one day!! Looks like my idea of heaven!!

  10. Dude I’d be totally fine being stuck on that island too!!! 🙂

  11. Lauren

    Love it!! Umm you guys got a picture with Mickey?? Jealous. That is one thing we didn’t get 😦 Guess we have to go back…

  12. oh i miss that island time. You know youre were only an 8 hr flight from me . COME ON DOWN!

  13. The shrimp looks amazing – nothing like fresh seafood!

  14. Looks like a great trip!

  15. What a fabulous vacation!! I love all of your photos, and especially love the energy and fun of your whole family being together. What a Happy Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to see more… xo

  16. Looks amazing!!!! Hawaii is on my must visit list for sure!

  17. Mamacita

    Such wonderful pics and memories ~ one of our best trips ever don’t you think? Dad is thinking maybe another island trip in 2013. Love, Mamacita

  18. Ah, it looks amaaaazing! I love the blue waters of Hawaii (in pictures anyway). I also love when other people do the planning and I can just go along and explore what’s been planned. Trying to plan a sunny vaca and it’s harder than one would think (especially with limited fundage). 🙂 Hope DC isn’t treating you too rough after this trip!

  19. Where do I sign up to become the 3rd Calcote beauty? Send over the form! (And not just because I want to tag along on the next tropical adventure….)

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