Crossword Star, Sweater Weather & Marcel

{RFF, a la Katie }

I love the feeling of pure genius that comes from knowing a crossword puzzle answer. Aha, I am so smart!

Even better? When it’s a top-row or side-column answer. It’s the simple things.


I kind of kick ass with Sudokus. I’m just sayin’.



I play the piano, but it has been years since I’ve done so consistently.

Ergo, I do not kick anything with that, anymore.


I rarely have clothes to dress appropriately during the winter.

Not a sweater person? Hand raised!

Every time the weather cools off, I find the need to shop and have clothes that I can layer to keep warm. Every time I do this, I wonder where the clothes went that I bought last time I had this dilemma. Odd cycle.


I used to dislike the fall season, as it wound down. The only things on my “pro” list were 1) PSU Football, 2) amazing running weather and 3) not sweating within 5 seconds of walking outside (ahem, summer).

The things on the “con” list, 1) Daylight Savings Time, and 2) winter.
The cons won.

Then, DC went ahead and challenged my attitude and was like “Oh yeah, what do you think of THIS, Fall-hater??”


Well. Add that to the high 60*s that have consumed most of our days, some great miles on the run, and sunshine that bounces off of every autumn hue? I had to be like, “Wow. Nice work, DC. You win, obviously.”


On the fall-loving note, I recently added Connecticut to my “States I’ve Visited” list. And it wins, too.

Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 003Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 010
Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 018Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 031
Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 049Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 050Beachy Yarmolovich Wedding 11.5.11 051


Last, but not least, I cannot stop watching Marcel, the Shell {with shoes on}. I find this adorable, endearing and absolutely hilarious.


Really, what you just have to want to do is take a ride….”


To those of you running Philly & Annapolis this weekenddon’t stop, get it, get it! I’ll be cheering for you all from the island!

Random ‘fact’, tidbit, Race Goals (let’s hear ‘em…), or video to share?



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11 responses to “Crossword Star, Sweater Weather & Marcel

  1. Dustin S

    Hahah YES! +1 for including Marcel the Shell.

    See you tomorrow! Have a drink with an umbrella ready 😉

  2. Haha the weather here in Richmond was SO nice this week, too!! I’m sad that the temperatures have finally dropped 😦 I was loving the warm afternoons!

  3. WHAT is that little shell man?!?!?! Holy cuteness.

  4. Have fun this weekend!

    Also, I must watch this shell man when I get home.

  5. LOL! I’ve never seen marcel before. Too cute. I just want to snuggle him up.

  6. Fall ALWAYS wins with the pretty colors and nice temperatures and pumpkin flavored foods…. almost enough to make you forget that there is no daylight. Ever.

  7. The temps have dropped here, but then they go back up the 80s again! It’s really sort of ridiculous trying to figure out when to run, etc, but you know I’m always wearing my luon and luxtreme. 😉

  8. Have an amazing trip to Hawaii!!!!!! DC sure looks amazing in autumn, but something tells me the beach will be better…

  9. danidelicatessen

    I feel the same way, the end of fall is possibly the most depressing and excellent time all at once—prime weather and beautiful scenery…but knowing what’s just around the corner definitely is a huge downer

  10. I agree with you, but please look at canada goose.

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