Web Adventures: Sneakers, Stats & Polyvore

Here’s another confession for you: every time I’ve checked the news recently, it has been to check up on one particular story (see bottom paragraph). Today is one of the first mornings where I haven’t gone straight to “refresh”, and also the first where that story hasn’t been in the headlines.

Normal web browsing resumes!

Breaking news aside, there is a lot going on in this world of mine.  Let’s roam around!

First up, feel free to toss aside the business-casual footwear and tie up the laces – it’s Sneaker Week! It’s also the National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness week; this is Back on My Feet’s way of getting the word out & giving your feet a break.

Sneaker Week Logo

Join in the fun and spread the good word, my friends.


While we’re exploring attire options, take a stop at Polyvore.com.

Warnings: only do this is 1) you’re a girl (and/or really into female fashion – either way.), 2) you have a lot of time to waste (…lunch hour?). If you haven’t been on Pinterest yet, that may be the first order of business. Once you do that, you’ll see collections of outfits & collages and – if you’re like me – wonder, where are these created?! who is the “they” that is coming up with outfit after outfit that I want?! WHY have I not heard of polyvore before this?

Polyvore casual boots Polyvore Green Dresssummer casual

Well, being the fashion diva extraordinaire that I am not, I’m fascinated by this site. I don’t deem myself super Chic, trendy or creative, but I do hope I fall on the right side of the line that Stacy & Clinton draw.

Not only does this site let you create outfits & collages, it shows you where to buy those items & allows you to set price limits on what you can choose. Shopping made easy! Money-spending made way too convenient.


In Nutrition related news, this is National Diabetes Awareness Month thanks to the statistics, chances are that you know, and/or are related to someone, with a type of Diabetes. According to the CDC it is currently affecting 8.3% of our population in the U.S.. It is predicted that by 2030, one in ten adults will have Diabetes.

ONE IN TEN adults. Let that soak in…

We have a lot of work to do in preventing that prediction from being validated; who’s with me? Read about it; eat healthy; exercise. Educate yourself, family members, friends you’re concerned about – whoever! Raise awareness.


recipeReDux-150x150 In other food news, we have a Redux coming up! This month’s theme was aptly delegated to certain carbs – carbohydrates & diabetes have a tight relationship.

The posts will be up on Monday – recipes galore!

Do you have a favorite “unconventional” grain that makes frequent appearances in your kitchen? I’m not one to explore too many options – we once had a bag of Kamut sit in the cabinet for a month – but I’m open to experiment!

What have you tried lately? And more importantly, how did it taste?


Feel free to leave your web-roaming trails here, too.



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15 responses to “Web Adventures: Sneakers, Stats & Polyvore

  1. Wow. One in ten by 2013? That is scary sad if you ask me. We owe it to ourselves to honor our bodies more than most do. How sad. 😦

  2. I don’t have anything to say about today’s post really (only that I also love Pinterest and polyvore and I hope to be on Stacy & Clinton’s good side), but I wanted to check in and say that I REACHED MY GOAL that posted on your blog!!!! 🙂 Sub 2:30 half is MINE – 2:27:16. Race Report is HERE if you want to go look: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=4586731

  3. Looking forward to the redux! What a great initiative. I am pretty sheltered in the grains department… I only recently started using quinoa and couscous!

    I LOVE What Not to Wear!!! That show cracks me up. Not gonna lie, I once nominated myself!

    • Heather C

      Hah I love that you did that!! I’ve been a fan of the show for a LONG time – my college roomie & I used to watch it for hours. We still watch it everytime we’re together, hah. They’re so fun.

  4. I have zero fashion sense and wear my sneakers every day. Hooray for sneaker week!

  5. I started reading this first thing in the morning, and then got completely sidetracked by Pinterest.

    Oops. (Love the outfits, btw.)

  6. I feel like I don’t have much fashion sense. I am always wishing I had a stylist when I go to stores. lol. Polyvore sounds so cool! I’m definitely going to check it out!

  7. That sneaker idea is amazing, I love it and definitely will tell my friends back home to see how to contribute. I have tons of old pairs.

    Polyvore, fashionwhore, etc. LOVE. And yes, it’s amazing. And makes me want to blow a lot of money.


  8. Jenna Leigh

    I’ve recently been into bulgar wheat. It can cook in a rice cooker just like quinoa, and it doesn’t take long. Delicious, fewer calories than rice, and more nutritious! I like to top it with stir fried veggies and tofu.

    I really enjoy barley too, but it take too long to cook. As does Israeli couscous 😦

    BTW – this is my first time posting – I love your site!

    • Heather C

      Hello! 🙂 I’m a huge quinoa fan – I think it’s much easier to make than rice. By “easier”, I mean it’s harder to screw it up, ha.

      Still haven’t tried bulgar, but I’ll add it to the ‘list’!

  9. are trying to get me addicted to pinterest? cause its working! thanks for all the great links, especially the nutrition!!

  10. Lauren

    I want those outfits…I will definitely be looking at that site! Let’s live together and share every item of clothing we own again, yea? I miss that. Made my clothing options a lot better. Scary about the diabetes thing. I have been limiting my cookie intake at work. It takes a lot of self control. As for the grains, yea I don’t cook those. Maybe I could try one of these days! SEE YOU IN 2 DAYS!!!!

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