Wellies, Texas Fruit & Other News

{Random Friday ‘Facts’, a la Katie }

I stupidly wear the wrong type of shoes every time it rains; I’m left with cold, wet, uncomfortable feet and an intense blame on my Southwestern {rain-free} roots.

I love sunshine. I never have to think about what shoes to wear when it’s sunny!

NewShoes 008 9.8.11 012

It should be noted: I do own rain-boots. I wish that we (here in ‘the States’) called them Wellies.


Even at the age of 25, I still get slightly embarrassed when buying gender-specific things. It’s just awkward.


Today, I threw away a grapefruit for the first time. It looked ruby-red and delicious; it smelled very odd. Texas, what happened down there?


On the list of reasons I love spaghetti & butternut squash: they last longer than one week in my kitchen! Spoilage? Not a grocery-buying concern with these hard shelled vegetables. This means we are good friends.


crying nittany lion My heart is completely broken over the Penn State “scandal”. I have a hard time putting my opinions into a cohesive thought. Rather than trying to rewrite things that have been said one hundred times over by this point, I leave you with this: The Scandal Timeline.

The University did everything wrong, that is true. Yet, they weren’t the first to make mistakes. This sequence is very telling, and along with everything else, disturbing. Sadly, I doubt that anyone (including the Victims) will every really know the full extent of what happened.


On a lighter note, this morning I checked a to-do list item box that has been empty for too long – run with Back on My Feet: DONE. It was cold and refreshing 3 miles!



Tomorrow I’m out for my first post-marathon double-digit run, comin’ back (joining the group) for 10!

One week from tomorrow, we’ll be on Island time.



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9 responses to “Wellies, Texas Fruit & Other News

  1. I know that Penn State issue must be gut wrenching. So sorry for the families and the school, it’s an awful shame.

    Look at you already tackling the big runs, the Shera of running!

  2. I’m going to try to cook a butternut squash this week. Stay tuned.

  3. I feel certain the insane (9 month) drought is to blame for the bad TX grapefruit. It seriously didn’t rain from Jan- Sept- can’t imagine much was growing properly during that time even with watering. You just can’t replace that much lost natural moisture. Sorry you had a bad one though!

  4. Lauren

    I totally gave you your rain boots 😉 yay Island soon!!

    • Heather C

      yes you did! And I still remember carrying that ginormous box home from the post office in State College. Ridiculous. Awesome.

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  6. I’m confused, why can’t you call them wellies?

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