Ricotta Veggie Pizza

Ricotta is on the list of ingredients that I only buy when required by a recipe; I’m unfamiliar with its versatility and have yet to explore what kind of kitchen friend it could be. Since making the Lasagna, it has been sitting patiently in the fridge.

Patience is a virtue I wasn’t blessed with, so I like to befriend those who are.

10.25.11 019

I came across a recipe for spinach and ricotta calzones – brilliant!  Of course this cheese is like any other; of course it can be stuffed into various Italian-style dishes.

When I started to roll out the fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods (that may or may not have sat in the fridge for a few days, turning tough on me), it was feeling stiff. Not stretchy, not up for calzone-ing.

Ricotta-topped pizza, instead? Sure, we’ll try that. Pizza never fails!

I improvised with this; after doing some research this morning, it turns out that most people put the ricotta on top of the sauce (example). If you’ve worked with this cheese before, you know that is not easy. I chose the easier, cleaner route:

Ricotta Veggie Pizza 1

Ricotta Vegetable Pizza

1 ball Fresh pizza dough
1 – 1.5 cups Ricotta cheese (did not measure this)
3/4 cup Marinara sauce (or pizza sauce)
Fresh rosemary (or herb of choice!)
Vegetables of choice: sliced mushrooms, red onion, steamed broccoli
Seasonings of choice: dried oregano & basil, black pepper

Heat oven to 400*. Roll out pizza dough to shape & thickness of choice (or to the extent of which the dough will cooperate, in this case). Top in this order: ricotta (spread evenly & generously), marinara/pizza sauce, fresh rosemary leaves, vegetables, seasonings.

Bake for 14-18 minutes (depends on dough/crust). Slice & enjoy!

Ricotta Veggie Pizza 4

Different than any pizza I’ve made thus far; soft cheese on the bottom, generous veggies on top, with the familiar tomato sauce in between. Delicious!


On another note, this is how I feel right now, as a Penn Stater {WE ARE…}:

crying nittany lion

That’s all, for now.



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12 responses to “Ricotta Veggie Pizza

  1. I missed the beginning of the PSU drama but it hits VERY close to home for me. We are.

  2. I tend to shy away from ricotta because I never really know what to do with it outside of lasagna… good idea to spread it on a pizza!

  3. so i found your new calling, pizza maker! i swear you know how to do it right! and i love ricotta. Great source of whey too.

  4. Your pizzas always look so good that I think, hm, maybe I’ll put that on my grocery/dinner list for next week. Then I just think, maybe instead I’ll just invite myself over for dinner. Either way.

  5. Mmmm. I love ricotta on pizza. I agree with you — it’s a weirdly versatile food. Supposedly it’s a good snack/dessert with the right toppings and mix-ins?

  6. Um yeah, I can pretty much roll with any kind of pizza (minus sausage and beef toppings). Ricotta is good, but hard for me to incorporate into anything other than manicotti shells or lasagna. I’ve wanted to try blueberry ricotta pancakes sometime though.

    Sorry to hear about the Penn State stuff. My eyes were glued to ESPN and then Dan Patrick last night and this morning. Crazy details. But so glad the media keeps saying “this is bigger than joe paterno. people need to realize that.” It’s true. And I imagine all alumni, students and fans are devastated and shocked right now.

  7. I totally thought of you when that news made its way to me this morning.

    For ricotta, don’t hate me, it’s my least fave cheese I actually leave it out of lasagna. I think I like this recipe and will sub in feta, mwahaha. I love homemade pizza. So easy and yum.

  8. We make pizza every Saturday! This one looks great – we’ll have to try it!

  9. Yum! 🙂 This pizza creation sounds wonderful!

  10. Lauren

    Random: I have seen ricotta being made at a cheese farm in Italy! I was scared to try it though…looked slimy. Your pizza looks delicious! You should make that in Hawaii 🙂 On the other note….WE ARE. I will never forget when I was wearing the shirt I got visiting you at Penn State and someone yelled that to me and I got so excited because (after about 10 seconds) I realized he wanted me to yell back PENN STATE! 😀 That’s my story.

    • Heather C

      I forgot you went to a cheese farm! So cool. I don’t think it’d look appetizing, though…don’t blame you for keeping the distance. 😉

      And yes. WE {still} ARE. Love.

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