Next Up: Holidays & Hot Chocolate

I updated my Races page yesterday only to realize that between June and October, there were only two additions. Where did all the races go? What happened??

There was once a time when I tested these muscles more often than not (I do fondly refer to it as “race-junkie” days), and spent {too} many dollars for a paper bib, safety pins & a timing chip.

I also spent a lot of time perfecting this shot:

5.3 0138.30 03610.25 022
DC.NationalHalf 108PlatteRiverHalf 039MCM PR
The Garmin’s photoshoot evolution.

With the inevitably busy and packed holiday season coming up, there isn’t a lot on the agenda for the next few months, but I do have my sights on at least one race. They boasted chocolate at the end – who turns that down?


Between now and December 3, there will be 8 days of vacation – a little trip to Hawaii and back – and probably little to no “speed” work. But, as this will be my first 15K race, it’s an automatic “best”! And I’ll take it.

The plan is pretty simple, too – chase Kate! She’s fast, I’m pretty positive this plan won’t fail – it hasn’t yet!


What holiday races are you signed up for? Turkey trots? Jingle bell jogs?



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15 responses to “Next Up: Holidays & Hot Chocolate

  1. Hawaii? Enter extreme jealousy here.

  2. I love the shot with 3:38 and what you wrote on your hand: 3:40 Believe

  3. I am trying my hardest to find a Jingle Bell or something. I just saw pics from the Hot Chocolate run in Chicago, all this chocolate is making me jealous:)

  4. Im running a Turkey Trot 10k. Its my 8th consecutive year running and, and I can’t wait. They give coffee mugs to the top 100 finishers, and I now have quite the collection!

  5. Me too, me too! I’ll be there and my first 15k as well! Did I tell you I finally started running with BOMF? Really liking it — I’m doing the Clean & Sober Streets house. Anyway, holler if you recognize me at Hot Chocolate 🙂

  6. No more races planned for me – I think I’ll volunteer at one or two instead and save my wallet. Of course, if we had a race promising hot chocolate… well, that would be a different story! 15K should be a fun distance.

    HAWAII?? So jeally!

  7. I’m looking around for a Turkey Trot, but have only found 5Ks close by. With a graduate student budget, I just can’t justify $30 for a 3 mile run. However, I CAN justify splurging for either the Hot Chocolate 15K or the Sam Adams Surf-n-Santa 10 miler. Come on, races promising chocolate and Sam Adams at the finish?? I am there! Too bad they are the same day. Decisions, decisions!

  8. I have to say – the thing I’m looking forward to most about the 15k is the jacket. Because it’s definitely not the whole “getting to the National Harbor at an ungodly hour” thing.

  9. Kim

    I’m doing a 5 mile Turkey Trot, and maybe a mid-December Jingle Bell 5k. I wish there was a hot chocolate race reasonably close! I’d love to do the 15k, but DC is the closest and that would have been a flight or a 5 hour drive away.

  10. Ohhh you SO deserve a vacation!! That sounds SO awesome…have always wanted to go to Hawaii!!

    The only race I have this fall is the Wild Turkey Run I do on Thanksgiving day, it’s a 5miler and we’ve done it the past three years and LOVE it. Awesome way to kick off turkey day 🙂

  11. Fun! A 15K seems like a great distance. I’m not currently signed up for any races, because of a lot of pending travel/etc, but I’ll definitely be running my way through the holidays in one way or another. 🙂 And Hawaii? SO fun!

  12. those are the best races. HOT CHOCOLATE at the end and a run that is a no brainer. Enjoy hawaii missy!!

  13. I’ll be doing a half marathon on Nov. 20 with the manfriend and then a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. Yahoo! I wish I could race more, but it’s so darn expensive and my fundage just can’t support my race wishes. 🙂

    Also, an older friend is hosting his annual 10K on a trail course and then ending at his house where there will be cinnamon rolls, fruit, coffee, etc. Sounds like my kind of 10K!

  14. I’ll be at the Hot Chocolate 15K too! We should say hi!

  15. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do awesome 🙂

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