Starting Refreshed

I learn most of my lessons the hard way, and once certain mistakes are made my body does not forget or forgive easily. After my first round of 26.2 miles, I felt “fine” just a few days later, and jumped right back into running. I want to keep this endurance! I feel great! Run, legs, run!

Oh, you need rest? You’re still rebuilding and trying to figure out why we had that little four hour adventure just days ago?

Find me one month later – burned out, tired, slow, and frustrated. Those are all words that I would prefer stay far, far away from my running routine. Lesson learned!

After the Denver RnR, I took one full week off and started again with 2 easy miles. The body & compromised by incorporating a lot more yoga, and came back ready to push some limits in the Spring.

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This time around, the muscles are starting to realize that these marathon adventures aren’t going anywhere. The training runs weren’t as daunting, days feeling sore and stiff were few and far between, and the distance itself didn’t rattle any anxieties (just the goal did!).

After our third date, I took 6 days off. Two of them included light yoga, but other than that I happily relaxed. No mileage, no strength tests, no sweat!

Saturday, before a wedding, I took the test. I found a 5 mile loop around the hotel in Connecticut (surprise – I was in CT for the weekend! It’s beautiful up there.), thanks to MapMyRun (best resource while traveling!). I took it nice and easy – slow easy miles, cursing small hills & taking in a New England fall day.

Recovery week: check! Refreshed: check!

There isn’t a lot of the running agenda for the next two months, and that’s perfectly fine with me. When it is time to get going again, we have some big goals on the line! So, between now and then? We stay refreshed. We stay on top of the base that’s built, the speed that accumulates & the morning routine that gets my day started on the right foot.

What’s your recovery strategy?

On the marathon note – how are you NYC finishers feeling today?



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8 responses to “Starting Refreshed

  1. Yay for times of REST!!! 🙂

  2. I did my first post-marathon run on Thursday and felt fantastic. And then I felt even better during my long run on Saturday. It feels like a trap. But after Philly (or, I guess, after the Chocolate Run), I plan on catching up on all my rest days at once. And it will be lovely.

  3. Glad you are feeling so good a week later. That first week I definitely lay off of everything and keep it eassssy. I learned that lesson the hard way too!

  4. SO glad you took this approach to recovery!! I’m sure your body (and knees) are thanking you! I took a full week off from running after my last half and it made SUCH a difference. The half before that, I didn’t take much time off from running and had suuuuuch dead legs for weeks after that. The rest really did the trick.

  5. So smart! I wish every distance runner out there could read this and follow your lead. It’s not worth the frustration later to try to push it too soon. Glad you’re feeling refreshed, and hope your wedding weekend was a blast!

  6. I love when weeks go well like that and you just let your body do the talking. I’ve definitely enjoyed these past 4 weeks of eased back exercise. My body thanks me for letting it recover and come back stronger for the next thing I throw at it.

  7. Clearly after my marathon I didn’t have one. Glad you are back on the saddle, seriously impressed.

    I think you have to listen to your body, forget goals and just go with gut.

  8. well, after my 70.3, I spent 4 weeks drinking beer and eating halloween candy. so that’s how I recover? 🙂

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