Call for Goals! Yes, you.

It is not easy to say what we want; it is hard to put ourselves out there, and really challenge what we think we’re capable of doing. I’ve been on both sides of that blurry line – self doubt and self confidence – and I can assure you it never gets easier to stay on the side of the latter.

Somewhere along the road, running became the challenge I needed to realize that a much bigger box is out there. At one of the pit-stops, every other form of physical activity got thrown into the mix (bikes, yoga, hiking, Warrior-style workouts…).

I’m not confined, I’m not unable, I’m not stuck. There is always room for improvement, and tests. There are plenty of days where I’m happy to just lace up the shoes and go – no requirements, no Type-A Garmin expectations, no training plan. But, there are just as many days where I do demand something from my legs & mind. We have a codependent relationship, and that can only grow with expectations.

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Very recently I took a lofty goal, and put it out there. After wavering in the “I don’t know about this race” limbo for at least a month, I realized what a wimp I was being. Why run a third marathon without an expectation? Why take what had been a pretty successful – albeit mostly informal, created on-the-go –training cycle and let it go, because I was “unsure”?

If we’re completely sure of what’s possible, we can do better.

“Low expectations are often a self-fulfilling prophecy. We insulate ourselves from failure, don’t try as hard, brace for the worst and often get it.”   Seth Godin

So, let’s hear it! What goal are you staring down right now?

What’s something you want, but think you can’t get – aren’t ready for it, don’t really think you can grab it, aren’t totally sure you’ll ever do it?

I got an interesting mix of responses to both my Marathon goal, and the result. As always, this is an amazingly supportive crowd – but also a curious one! I love it.

Do it NowKeep going

I’ll be honest, I was more than pleasantly surprised (understatement of the week) to race how I did, but I also told my mind there wasn’t an option. You want a 3:39 or better? Then DO IT. That’s it.


There are a lot of race weekends coming up (NYC & Philly – to name the big ones!), holidays, life changes, etc – and I know a few of you that are capable of much more than you think.

This does not have to be running, or even fitness, related at all. I just challenge you to think of what challenges you. And to put it out there, here. Don’t hesitate, not for a second.

Ready? I’ll get things started. I will qualify for Boston, 2013*.

*meaning I have to run a sub 3:35. Done.




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53 responses to “Call for Goals! Yes, you.

  1. Sub 2:30 half – goal race – Soldier Half 11/12

  2. I think my goals need to start with… “sign up for a race”…

  3. I love setting goals! I just did a blog post about my goals for 2012 (and early 2013) — from running my first half marathon this past October to running my first full in the fall to running the Goofy Challenge in 2013! Eeeek! 🙂

  4. Oops – first full in the spring I meant…

  5. Oh yes you will!!! Way to put it out there. Sometimes it’s scary putting it all on the line – but it’s always worthwhile!

  6. Ivan

    Have you started scouting potential BQ races? I have — surprise, surprise — many opinions about which ones to consider.

  7. Kim

    I fully admit that I’m not good at setting goals. I have a lot of “I’d love to do this someday” things, but it never seems like a good time to make room for the steps to get there. I’m getting better though.

    I’ve signed up for my first half marathon in May, which I’m excited to train for. My goal is just to finish, and then I’d like to do at least one more during 2012. I’ve only been running semi-seriously for about five months now, and a year ago I never would have thought I’d ever want to run 13.1 miles. Now I eventually want to do a full, but I think that’s going to be a 2013 goal with how super busy my life is.

    • Heather C

      I just read your post! Looks like those goals are set…if you need someone to hold you accountable, just let me know. 😉

  8. Last night our Lifeforce Fitness instructor said “not creating an intention for yourself is in effect creating an intention.” And it’s so true. I waffle about marathon times, don’t think I can go back to school or just sit there paralyzed by fear rather than setting an intention and making it happen.

    Perhaps it’s never setting a clear intention that has allowed me to continue not setting them. I sort of just rolled into my journalism degree (even though I was passionate about sports training or PT). I knew I could write well, but I wasn’t confident in my science skills. So I just went the easy route. It makes it a lot harder to turn that train around once you’ve let yourself just go with the flow rather than go toward what your heart is telling you.

    After talking to a few MPH professionals, I feel like my goal for the next year is find a diff job, volunteer with a public health organization/dept and focus on specific mph communications/marketing programs. It’s a scary thought to move our lives somewhere else, but I need to make the investment now rather than regret it 10 years down the road.

  9. I think setting goals – and putting those goals out there – is so so so important. Big goal of mine? I want to write a book. Yet I’ve only subtly put that out there once or twice and I’ve done nothing to actually get started on the book writing train. I need to put that into action in 2012 and start writing more in non-work, non-freelance, non-blog places.

    I also want to do a half-ironman, hopefully in 2013, another goal I need to stop thinking about and keeping quiet about and just put out there and start preparing for!

    And heck yes you will get your sub-3:35! I’m excited for you!

  10. I will run a marathon in the spring. I will run a 6 hour race in 2012.

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  12. OOH you are holding me accountable. I have a goal but I refuse to tell anyone.

    You are amazing, cannot wait to see what you do/conquer/dominate next.

  13. I want to successfully apply for my dietetic internship and hopefully be placed in the spring 🙂

  14. oh you and goals, such an inspiration. my goal is just to get 100% so that I an then conquer even bigger goals. Slow and steady wins the race sometimes, right?

    • Heather C

      Yes, ma’am! I have a feeling the competitor in you is pretty fierce. Looking forward to the day it’s ready to come back out 😉

  15. My marathon time will start with a 3 in 2012. 🙂 sub 4 you will be miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. 😀

  16. jessgobananas

    This weekend I am going to try to run 5 miles at my race on saturday!

  17. 2012 San Diego Rock ‘n Roll, 2013 Big Sur, 2014 NYC.:) No time goal…just finish goal.:)

  18. I will run a sub-2:00 half by the end of 2012. I will do my damnedest to get it by the end of 2011.

    I will cross the finish line of a marathon in 2012.

    I will re-learn to ride a bike and cross the finish line of a triathlon in 2012.

    Woo goals!

  19. Great post, thanks for the constant inspiration Heather!! Hmm… although I pulled my calf muscle this past week, I still will work my hardest and trust my training to achieve my goal of 1:49 at the Philly half on 11/20! Then comes ING Miami on 1/29/12- run my first 26.2 and goal of sub 4!! Plus, I start my first job as an RD next week, so my goal is to stay positive, energetic, and build my client base as quickly as I can! 🙂

  20. I have a few current fitness related goals. They include building more muscle, easing my way back into running after injury, and doing more yoga! 🙂

  21. Still thinking about them.. I want to run a sub 2:50 or 2:45 but there are alot of things outside running I do need to get done. I shut down part of my life to get that dang BQ

  22. I will run a PR half marathon this Sunday at the DRC Half. Goal time is 1:56:xx.
    I will run the Dallas White Rock Marathon in under 4:10, and I will run a sub 4:00 marathon in 2012.
    There…I feel relieved to say that. Thanks for your encouragement and sharing your goals!

  23. My goal is Boston 2013- for me that means 3:40 or better. I want a 3:35 or better just for the cushion and early registration slot- and because I’ve recently had a mental breakthrough in my running and truly do think it’s possible for me to achieve that goal.
    I’ve spent several years at a plateau of sorts created by my mind telling my body it couldn’t maintain an x:xx pace- what a lie I was feeding myself. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to hurt, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know.
    Congrats on your HUGE PR!!!

    • Heather C

      Thank you!!

      I love reading/hearing people talk about the moments/days/weeks where they’ve realized what they’re really capable of doing. Take that breakthrough and run with it – see you in Boston! 🙂

  24. I will run a sub-2 next weekend. It will hurt. A lot. I will make sure to cuss your name in particular at mile 12. You’re welcome.

  25. Bri

    Run a solid half marathon tomorrow.. a week after a marathon PR..(what can I say, I love a challenge!) It’s a hilly course, but my body feels energized, not worn out. My other goal is to race an Ironman 70.3 next summer. After placing 12th in my AG at my first triathlon ever, I realized it was an event I loved and wanted to push myself further.

    Excited to follow along with your future training and BQ!

  26. so less than 24hrs off my nyc marathon finish (awesome), here it is: i will run a sub-4:00 marathon.

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  28. I love your goal 🙂

    I have two — sub 1:30 for a 13.1 and sub 5:00 for a 70.3. After a nice and relaxed off-season, that is…

  29. Lauren

    Mine is become GM of the next Paradise Bakery that is opening up here! We still don’t know which one of us Assistant Managers is going to get promoted to GM for the next store opening up in a few months…It’s kind of a far fetched goal, but hey it could be me! 🙂 Another goal I have is to do the National Half with you in march 😀

  30. i want a sub-4:30 marathon. preferably in nyc. did a 4:40 this year. next year, perhaps?

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