Challenge, Posture & Run Long!

Three Things Thursday, a la Morgan 

Who wants another daily e-mail to grace their inbox every morning?? I know you answered that with an overly enthusiastic YES, PLEASE!, so I’ll go ahead and share my newest thumbs-up website approval. This e-mail will present you with a Daily Challenge:


The day I signed up, I was challenged to “try a new healthy food!” – go to the store, farmer’s market, etc and pick out something totally new to you. I love that challenge, and do it pretty often, actually. But a good reminder never hurts!

I like this – well done, MeYou-Health people. I’m hooked!


Speaking of a challenge, my back & neck muscles unexpectedly took one on this week. One of the offices I spend my days at is crowded with these lovely creations:

Gaiam Chair

“Unusually effective and, well, unique looking, the BalanceBall Chair acts as a shock absorber and promotes ergonomic sitting — relieving spinal stress and preventing back discomfort.”

Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair

Yes, this is comfy, but it is far from your average desk chair. I like to think my posture doesn’t suffer too badly on a daily basis, but I also stand up a lot, run around a lot, and do yoga every now and then. My back muscles are just fine, right?

One would think. And that one would be wrong. My muscles were sore on Monday night, from sitting in this chair for a 9-5 day.

Sore from sitting? Who knew that could happen?

I see this as a great substitute for a standing desk; if you get tired of standing, sit in a chair that “relieves spinal stress” and when you’re spinal stress is relieved, stand up!

Have you tried one of these before?


Last, but not least, I have a 22-miler brain this week. It’s my last long run before the Marine Corps Marathon, and I want things to go smoothly. Actually, I need them to go well – my ego thrives off of that boost of confidence, my muscles thrive off of that endurance training. It’s a win, win situation!

It’s all I’m letting myself think about for the next 48 hours, until I hit “stop” on the Garmin. Saturday morning, I’m ready for you!



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12 responses to “Challenge, Posture & Run Long!

  1. Thanks for the Daily Challenge rec – signing up now!

  2. Hi, Heather! If you’d like to connect with me in Daily Challenge, you can via my profile link:

    Best of luck Sunday and during your marathon!


  3. I want one of those chairs so bad! I know my posture at work is crap and I try to remind myself regularly to sit up straight but I’m just not on top of it enough.

    Good luck this weekend girl!!!

  4. My PT REALLY recommends that chair, and he put my pieces back together so he must know something. Don’t sit in it marathon week!!!

  5. i have tried that! its crazy how much you use your core too! whoa. I probably need to bust that out again, sheesh.
    Good luck on the 22 miler. You got this!

  6. Whoa, funky chair! I’d love to try it – but crazy how sore you were!

    GOOD LUCK with that 22 miler. No doubt, girl!

  7. Good luck with your 22 miler! I’ll be doing 20. 🙂

  8. Kim

    I want one of those chairs too! I used to have such great posture when I worked in a job where I stood/walked all day and then usually spent my at home time sitting on the floor for no reason. Now I sit in a chair all day and have taken to lounging on the couch at home, and I definitely sit slumped a lot of the time now.

    Good luck with this weekend’s run, too!

  9. Lee

    I have horrible posture and I actually have looked at getting a chair like that.

  10. danidelicatessen

    That chair is an awesome idea! i’ve tried creating it myself, with just the ball-but having the stability on the bottom would be ideal

  11. I love the daily challenge! I look forward to it, and sometimes it is something SO timely, that I have JUST done or am planning to do. 🙂

    I also love the ball as a chair (and it’s funny, I was JUST thinking about looking for a new one, just like that, with the chair!). I used to have just a ball, it was in my office at work and I LOVED it!

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