Falling for the District

Fall means it’s time for football games, the arrival of winter vegetables (i.e. squash), cooler temperatures and the colors around us constantly changing. It means we get to sleep in a little bit later for our long weekend runs (rides, walks, etc), because we aren’t attempting to beat a 90* high. It also means we eventually set the clocks back, and deal with the 5 p.m. sunset.

In my mind, it also means we anxiously await the beginning of winter. And by wait, I mean dread – I don’t usually think of Fall as a ‘favorite’, but this time around things are different!

I love that crisp, cool morning air, and the yellow leaves on the ground. I love the feeling, and atmosphere, of race season. I love the colorful Farmers’ Market baskets.

I love this District, in the Fall.

10.9.11 00610.9.11 005
10.9.11 010
10.9.11 01710.9.11 025

10.9.11 05010.9.11 011

10.9.11 00410.9.11 026
10.9.11 02010.9.11 04010.9.11 050

Yes DC, your charm worked, as usual.

Yesterday felt like the start of this race season, spectating the Army 10-miler and remembering how this city (and its runners!) deliver on the big day. Streets marked off, filled to the curb with every type of runner; an early wake-up call to run, cheer or play photographer! This was all followed by brunch, and (most of) the run-group. We heard race recaps, texted for some updates on the out-of-towners (Chicago!), and indulged in the delicious buffet at Beacon Bar & Grill.

Fall feels official, and I’m hooked.




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11 responses to “Falling for the District

  1. Fall is my favorite season and has always been for most of the same reasons above. Growing up in Puerto Rico we never had seasons like here so my first Fall in the U.S. I fell in love with it. I did not get to go to the Army 10-Miler this year (I’m in the Army) but had tons of fun watching the Chicago Marathon which was one of the most exciting in recent years. Love all of the photos!

  2. i’m falling for district too! look at that color, gorgeous! So happy you are enjoying your time there. Feeling at peace and in love with FALL!

  3. LOVE this time of year. The apples are sooooooooo good. Glad you are soaking it up!!!

  4. Pick up some honeycrisps for me! I love this time of year as it is a proper kick off to the holidays. You’re right though, makes the perf running temps too. Yea, race season!

  5. Sal

    I’m no doubt a sucker for a good fall day – especially in DC and even more so when my team is on a winning streak (roll tide!)

  6. My parents visited DC this past weekend and ran the Army 10 Miler together! I visited in May but would love to come back during the fall, if only PTO was endless

  7. Such gorgeous photos! I seriously LOVE everything about fall…except that it only lasts what seems like a few weeks down here. I do love outdoor runs with cooler temps. Makes my day!

  8. Wow! Absolutely beautiful photos! Love them all Heather…and fall too! It’s shorter and less stunning in Calgary (same elevation as Denver – it gets cold quick!) but I love it all the same. 😀

  9. Mamacita

    Beautiful pics of fall ~ love this time of year. Haven’t checked out your blog for several weeks so I am catching up on your posts. Very nice photography work Heather! And fyi only 35 days til the beach.
    Love, Mamacita

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