Just a Few Things: Basil & Caffeine-infused Edition

Confession: I’m on the verge of killing my third basil plant, in a row. For three different reasons, these plants have not befriended me. There was almost a complete revival of this last one, and I had high hopes. But alas…

basil 001

Realization: Green thumb? I do not have it.

Obsession: Friday mornings have become a double-date! Kate and I hit up the Sunrise 6 a.m. class, and stick around for the Power Hour Vinyasa Flow at 7. Laying in savasana in between (at the end of class #1) is such a tease, but the different styles between the two definitely keeps things interesting! My arms and abs are awake.

Want: Oh, the list is long! New running shoes, Nike Frees for walking around and having bright, obnoxious colors on my feet, a shopping spree at Crate & Barrel, and a round-trip ticket to NYC for the weekend.

Need: This weather to stick around! It is absolutely perfect outside these days, and I am in love. DC really knows how to turn on the Fall charm:


Up: My last long run, on the agenda next weekend. I have 22 miles to conquer, and I am ready to enter that run into the training log (i.e. have G get it for me) and get this taper thing going! Countdown to Marine Corps: 3 weeks.

Down: My attention span right now; I ordered a Grande iced coffee, during our post-yoga coffee stop. They gave me a Venti by accident, and went with it. Alright fine, but you do realize iced coffee is double-brewed, yes? That is a lot of iced caffeine!

In: A dinner party challenge has been opened up! Are you in?

I’m trying to decide who we should have over, for a Chef Heatherdinner. What should be on the menu? Maybe a meatless meal for a meat-lover? Maybe an easy breakfast-for-dinner? Maybe something our guest picks out from their favorite dishes to eat out?

There are tough decisions to be made here, and taste-buds to be satisfied!

Out: The open, free, intermittent uncommitted days of “funemployment”. These days are getting busy, and I love every minute of it.


Pick one of the above, and add your two cents to this list!



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12 responses to “Just a Few Things: Basil & Caffeine-infused Edition

  1. Ohhh that is perfect fall weather! I hope we get the same kind of weather down here in Richmond!

    • Hi Heather,
      I’m enjoying reading your blog. I’m an RD too, but just started blogging as well. I attempted this past summer with my first basil plant…I’ve always killed my indoor plants. Maybe cause I would forget to water;), but at least making it a point to water my basil every day and always taking out the not-so-pretty basil leaves on a regular basis has made it grow. And by the way, I love my Nike Frees…can’t wait to get the Nike Frees 2! Best wishes to you.

  2. I must confess that I too am a basil plant killer!

  3. I love this just a few things idea! 🙂 Very cool!

    Down: I have a stress fracture in my right femur. No running for a month!
    Up: This will give me all kinds of time to soak up this AMAZING Fall weather on my bike, do yoga, and maybe even try some other new options!

  4. i don’t do well with plants. Unless I havea full blow garden and no job! haha. I want to come to dinner.

  5. Wait, you don’t live in DC do you? If that’s so, WE MUST HANG OUT! In other news, I absolutely can not grow things. I kill them all. I either don’t water enough or over water, it’s just, not a good situation.

  6. you should very definitely have us over.

  7. Lee

    I cannot keep a basil plant alive to save my life! Or any sort of plant for that matter.

  8. Amy

    Hi Heather! I was in DC yesterday for work. I have to admit that I kept my eyes open in case I saw you run by! Have a nice weekend!

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