Using Leftovers: BBQ Fish Sandwich

After Sunday night’s tacos, we had about half of a filet’s worth of pan seared Mahi Mahi just sitting in the bowl. What happens with leftover taco fish but no leftover taco materials? I packaged it up and put it in the fridge, weary of reheating perfectly cooked flaky filet.

Fish can only taste good once, right? I thought so, too.

10.4.11 004

{Reheated OR Freshly Cooked} Mahi Mahi BBQ Avocado Sandwich

~3/4 cup (or 1/2 Filet) cooked & seasoned Mahi Mahi
     seasonings: cumin, salt/pepper
4 slices Avocado (thinly cut)
Red onion, to taste
1 Tbsp (drizzle) BBQ Sauce (I used  TJ’s Kansas City style)
2 slices bread

If using precooked fish, reheat on "Defrost” setting for ~30 seconds; let cool, and reheat for another 15-30 seconds (check frequently to prevent overcooking).

Layer it all together, and enjoy!


In a lot of other news, I checked off my second 20-miler of this training cycle, saw the Constitution and Declaration of Independence (the real things! Courtesy of the Archives museum), watched the movie Drive (unless you enjoy Quentin Tarantino style gore, this is not a must-see), and did a yoga brick workout on Sunday with Kate (run, yoga class, run!).

All of that in a weekend left me with tired legs, and a hungry stomach! The food posts will keep coming, because we keep eating.

What have you checked off your to-do list this week? I’m heading to the DMV and not thrilled about it. DC has approximately 1,000 things they want from you in order to hand over the state license  plate. I’m in for some fun! And a lot of cross-word puzzling.



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6 responses to “Using Leftovers: BBQ Fish Sandwich

  1. what a great sandwich. I just had left over roast dinner wraps – yum.

  2. I am convinced that all leftovers taste good in sandwich form!

  3. I think fish is OK leftover! I’ve been known to eat leftover fish on salads a lot. That sandwich looks yummy 🙂

  4. WOW I neeeeed to try that sandwich 🙂 Isn’t avocado the perfect addition to anyyyyyything!?

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