Gourmet in Tupperware

My kitchen smells like I just cooked dinner; steamed vegetables took over and it is nothing of the usual sweet breakfast aroma.

We’re heading to a concert tonight, so no cooking will be happening later. I failed to plan that into the menu for the week – obviously there are some kinks to work out with this! Rather than wasting a few vegetables that definitely needed their time to come today, I put on my apron (not really) and got to cooking first thing this morning.

On their final breath: raw kale & cauliflower.
Strategy for revival: steam ‘em up!

I tore the kale leaves into smaller chunks, and cut up the 1/2 cauliflower head into small bunches. They were steamed individually – cauliflower for ~10 minutes, kale for ~8 (I didn’t watch the clock too closely; check them regularly so you don’t overcook).

Lunch 006

This is what I call a “gourmet” lunch – you’re entitled to your own opinion of the word, but if I’m cooking before 9 a.m., it’s a unique occasion.

Steamed Vegetable Pasta & Parmesan Salad

~1 cup steamed kale
~3/4 cup steamed cauliflower
~1/4 cup sliced red peppers
1 serving Tempeh, cut into bite-sized cubes
~3/4 cup pasta, cooked
Grated parmesan*, s/p to taste
Drizzle of dressing – your choice (I used Annie’s Tuscan Italian)

*I grab this from the Whole Foods deli, it’s freshly grated with a few remaining parmesan chunks – much more flavorful than the carton.

Lunch 003Lunch 005

I’ll be happily munching on this, vs spending the $6 at the deli near the office!


What’s the latest lunch creation you’ve come up with?



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14 responses to “Gourmet in Tupperware

  1. Cooking at breakfast time – you won’t often catch me doing that! Looks like a tasty lunch and YAY for not wasting fresh produce!! It makes me SAD to see veggies wilting!

  2. the office, eh? that sounds positive!

  3. I’ve been eating a lot of kale as the base to my meal lately – I massage it with olive oil and lemon juice then add all sorts of things on top! I love the texture and how it holds the other toppings and dressing in each bite. 🙂

  4. I never cook in the mornings either. If I cook pasta, I consider it a BIG win. I normally have leftovers for lunch. Today I have leftover tofu lasagna, and I am honestly very excited about it!

  5. I’m still stuck on the whole “cooking before 9am” thing. I made myself a wrap before I left the apartment today, and almost wrote that off as too time consuming.

  6. My fiance Terri has a crazy work schedule along with night school getting her master’s degree. She’s been cooking on Sunday nights preparing meals for the whole week. I informed her that the longer the food sits there, the more nutrients it loses, but she said the convenience was worth it. She makes up for it by doing raw juicing in the morning and adding some super greens to it. It’s tough stuff to do all that. I didn’t realize that I take for granted the schedule I have and the ability to have 2 or 3 freshly prepared meals each day at the house.

  7. my latest was brown rice with some cut up veggies (tomato, peppers) avacado, and either chicken or boiled egg

  8. now go take that and weight it at the WF hot bar. I wonder how much they would charge. Probably $15!! yours is way better!

  9. I love coming up with combinations of different foods. This is not that unique, but for lunch I had pb, jelly and turkey and was awesome!!

  10. Aurielle

    Kudos to you for cooking before breakfast! Your gourmet dish looks delicious!

  11. Sounds like a great dish! My latest wacky creation was lunch today. I threw leftover roasted butternut squash, broccoli, and eggplant over mixed greens then topped it with roasted chickpeas and cottage cheese! It was so good! 🙂

  12. Mmm don’t you love when lunch surprises you? 🙂 I have been packing my meals for school and they have turned out fabulous lately 🙂 I love to cook and make new combos so it’s always neat to see what I come up with 🙂 Sometimes a combo of leftovers is the best 🙂 I recently packed a delicious carrot and chickpea salad for lunch! I am sharing the recipe on my blog tonight 🙂

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