The Third Time Charm

It’s been so long since I’ve looked at my training plan that I wasn’t sure what distance I had on deck this weekend. It’s been so long since I’ve edited it that I hadn’t even finished planning out the month of October. No plan?!

…What now?

I signed onto Runner’s World this morning, remembering that it now saves any plans you create from Smart Coach. Easy, I’ll just look at the original Smart Coach plan (created in July) and go from there.

My marathon plan was not there. A 5K plan, scheduled for November 14th, was. Said plan was created off of a 73 min recent 10-miler time, and created in early September. Cue total confusion.

Maybe I deliriously put in 1:13:00 as a previous 10-miler race time and, with that, tried to create a training plan for a 19-minute 5K? Maybe Runner’s World is confused? Or the Smart Coach wants me to train for a 5K, instead of a 42.2K?

None of that makes sense! And the time spent theorizing, plus typing that all out, has not gotten me any closer to solving the mystery of the Smart Coach or actually editing what I’ll be running over the next month.

Thank you, internet!

All of that, and in five minutes I just decided to look at how many weeks I have left. With five weeks to go, I’ve relied on the logic that this will be my third marathon so I can’t screw anything up too badly. Fool proof plan, yes?

20 – 16 – 22 – 8 –26.2

marathon! 025.bDenverRnRwkend 065image   image

Here’s hoping the remaining 5 weeks, as planned out above, will work the magic!




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9 responses to “The Third Time Charm

  1. only 5 weeks! boy these fall marathons sure do sneak up on me. the magic in in the 20s, you’ll be ok!

  2. Huh, wonder what was going on with the RW plan! Either way, looks like you’ve got it figured out. Home stretch!!

  3. Wow, 5 weeks snuck up fast huh?? I am SURE you’ll do great. I’m personally a huge fan of non-training-plan-plans so I think your “plan” is perfect 🙂

  4. You’re running MCM too? Great! FIVE MORE WEEKS???
    Actually, I am looking forward to it, so I can get back on my bike more.
    Muscle memory: you’ll do fine, as long as you’re not gunning for a PR.
    See you out there!

    • Heather C

      That was originally the goal (PR), but I was also originally training in CO and then racing in DC…ha, so clearly all plans have been changed! Just doing it for fun now, and counting on that muscle memory.

  5. I’m sorry your marathon plan wasn’t there. That can be very frustrating. Good luck in the training. 5 wks will be here before you know it. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  6. I think that looks pretty good! I took a much easier approach with my latest half-marathon training cycle and kind of just picked out what my distance for the long run would be the week before. It ended up working out really well for me and wasn’t as stressful as following a plan to a T!

  7. I think Smart Coach is just on crack. I have made a few different training plans on there but it always takes me back to one that I made for a half marathon in June that I thought about running but didn’t end up doing. I have made multiple plans since then but it still always just makes that old one pop up. lol. I learned to just print it off right away and make sure to make any edits on paper!

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