Nutrition News & Redux(s)

If you’re up for an adventure, I’ve got a few stops for you to visit today while you surf the interwebs. Without anything “new” to report here from my corner of the District, I’ll dangle a few carrots in other directions to see if you want a bite.

First up, in Nutrition news:

White is a color, too! We hear it’s important to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, but may easily forget that simple, plain white options. They’re in abundance, and important, too. In fact, they may reduce the risk of stroke, according to an health article.


McDonald’s did not create a vegan burger (though would you want to taste it, if they did?), but Dietitian Janel did! The trick here is mastering that topping quartet, and getting Tempeh to play along – McDonald’s Vegan Burger.


Fueling for marathons is a hot topic! It’s easily one of the most frequently asked questions around here – what works ‘best’?  – and I’ve addressed it a few times. Then I put together a list of tips, and shared it through the lululemon blog.

In other words, a goal of mine – Write health/nutrition articles for the lululemon community blog – got a check in its box yesterday!

marathon meals – fueling on the go


Last, but not least, how about a Redux? A recipe redux! The Professional Palate started this project and I’m jumping on board. They choose a common meal, snack or drink, and those of us involved do what we do best and take a “nutrition” approach to the traditional recipe.  There are guidelines, of course – reduction in overall calories and/or sugar, increase in fiber, lowering of saturated fats, etc.

Typically the ‘topic’ (i.e. food) is presented to us, and we…Go! Create! To add to that, I want to open it up – what meal/snack/drink do you love, but want to create a “healthier” version of?



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15 responses to “Nutrition News & Redux(s)

  1. Ooooh good question… how about one of my number one guilty pleasures that I RARELY eat: poutine!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It’s amazing how those condiments = McDonalds.

  3. There is a southern belle buried inside me and she loves her Biscuits and Gravy! I would love to redux this!
    Marlene – my bf looooves poutine!

  4. I’m so proud of you for your article! Super exciting to accomplish goals like that. I always want pizza to be good for me. Luckily, I’ve found ways to make it at home (and order at restaurants) that are much better for me. At restaurants I ask for whole wheat dough and light cheese as well as some veg toppings. Occasionally, I crave something like a cheeseburger (I KNOW!) but really don’t think those can ever be much healthier for you. Alas, I eat one maybe once a year so I don’t think it matters. Last night I made mama peas thai bean burger. Fun change from the usual homemade black bean burger.

  5. Congrats on crossing writing for Lululemon off of the list of things to do! How exciting! 🙂 If I could choose something to have recreated I would choose macaroni and cheese or monster cookies! 🙂

  6. mc donalds has a vegan burger? thats even scarier than a big mac! eek! Love the nutrition topics as always!

    • Heather C

      Ha, no they do not – but yes, it would be! 😉

      Janel made her own version of a “McDonald’s” burger, instead. Looks very tasty!

  7. So proud of you for accomplishing this goal, Heather!!!!!!!! Seriously, what a wonderful thing! I love the lululemon blog. 🙂

  8. Lauren

    This is awesome! I want to redux all the items in our bakery at Paradise! I can’t stop snacking on cooookies all day…It’s a problem. Congrats on accomplishing your goal sister!

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