One More Hump

I really really hope that at some point we look back on this long, long, long process and are able to laugh about it. Maybe a year from now, maybe two?

We had one last hump to tackle today – get the POD safely dropped off (not as easy as one might think – again, another post for another day), contact the movers and get that thing emptied out!

In other words, after 10 days we would finally have ALL of our things.

It has been one heck of a day. Our POD was delivered (success!), a parking-violation crises was narrowly averted, and our stuff is IN OUR APARTMENT. It’s here. We have furniture, and a LOT of other things!

We have way too many other things.

Our apartment looked like this for the past 10 days:

9.15 0199.15 020
9.15 0229.15 025

Then, it looked like this:

9.15.11 0059.15.11 006

I took a late lunch break and fixed one last meal without the kitchen equipment! I also discovered exactly where in the kitchen gets some amazing natural light.

I ate this: Whole-wheat pita, red onion slices, spinach, red pepper, marinara & mozzarella.
Set oven to broil, assemble, set under the heat for ~4-5 minutes. Easy.

9.15 029

And then I poured myself a glass of this:

9.15.11 004

Yes, I sliced fresh strawberries for a glass of sparkling wine. After this kind of day, it totally hit the spot.


I also put on my “RUN STRONG” playlist and wow, that worked energy-level magic! At least I know it still has its charm, after being packed up on my iPod (yes, I stupidly packed my iPod) for weeks! Dance parties with “Imma Be” will do wonders, in case you need a pick-me-up.

In these circumstances, you always learn/discover a few things. Today’s unexpected unpacking surprises:

Only one thing broke – given a cross country drive and the PODs fiascos, this is a huge success.

A bug was crawling in our raw oats, which is disgusting.

Our allotted storage unit is huge; I hadn’t seen it yet, and was elated by the amount of things we’ll be able to hide down there.

Somehow only three screws (out of four), that hold the bed frame together, survived the trip. Rogue screw, that was rude!

Love Grown Foods granola bags made great packing buddies – I used these for magnets and small hardware items (but obviously not all four screws).

Approximately 6 hours later, I finally remembered dinner and the fact that I’m planning on running my 20-miler tomorrow morning (as of yet, unmapped).


We are almost over that one last hump. Finally, it looks like someone lives here! It may not be entirely unpacked, but with D’s incredible focus skills and my drive to just be done with this all, it will be very soon. Updated pictures to follow!

For now, my distraction time is over and I have a long run to think about.


What’s on your Friday agenda? Races, runs, weekend adventures? Tell me something fun, that has nothing to do with moving! Please, and thank you.



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8 responses to “One More Hump

  1. Oooooh I love the colours in the new digs! YAY for having all of your stuff and a nice big storage area!

  2. Happy hour with YOU is on my Friday agenda : )

  3. Oooh, the apartment is gorgeous! And every time I’ve moved, I’ve managed to be about 90% unpacked on the same day all the stuff arrives. OCD, hey-o!

  4. Good luck with all the unpacking! I am running in the morning and going with my Mom to see Earth, Wind, and Fire for a joint birthday celebration! 🙂

  5. Mamacita

    Can’t wait to see your new place. White wine with strawberries – perfect beverage while unpacking.
    Love, Mamacita

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