Does LT mean ‘Light’?

I went to track night once in Denver, finished a tough workout (16 x 400m) and thought ‘I should do this more often!”.  Then there was that whole month when Denver dumped rain every afternoon around 4 or 5 p.m., making evening workouts quite the gamble. Time passes quickly; two months later, and  I haven’t returned to the oval since!


Back to this ‘new’ agenda, and the group I used to track with once a week. We started the meet-ups in December (‘09), which is obviously prime time for evening runs around an oval. I think the main appeal was the hot-tub readily available for us to jump into afterward (at the public pool)! That was worth it.

I roped Kate in to join me last night, reuniting with the group, and tackling whatever run was planned. We may not have chosen the best night to come, considering the regulars deemed the agenda “hard”.

After a glance at the mass e-mail sent with the workout, all we knew was something with “LT” and recovery times. We jokingly hoped LT meant “Light” – that’s usually part of track work, right? Nice n’ easy?

Not quite. It looked like this, {the pace result}:

Warm-up (Plyometrics – these got tiring, that’s not a good sign)
10 min @ LT – Lactate Threshold             {7:50}
4 min @ 98% max HR – x  2                            {6:55, 6:43}
1 min @ 98% max HR – x 4                             {6:37, 5:58, 5:56, 5:54}
4 min @ 98% max HR – x 2                             {7:32, 7:40*}
The workout included another 10 minute @ LT, but I headed out a little bit early)
*Kate and I used these last two as a start to our “cool down”

With a 20-miler happening tomorrow, I was really more concerned with being at the track and setting my mind on including that into the weekly routine. With people around me running quickly, it was hard not to push it there in the middle and see what could happen!

And there’s that reason to go to a track group – motivation, and accountability!

Regular track-goers, how do you space those workouts from your Long Run?



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6 responses to “Does LT mean ‘Light’?

  1. YEAH for track night! This will be a great new routine. Good call playing it smart with the long run looming, and you still had a great workout!

  2. wow, and i thought my 7×1000 on tuesday were tough….i definitely thought wrong!

    • Heather C

      7 x 700 IS hard!! Any track workout is tough, it’s all about the effort you put in. 🙂

    • Heather C

      Oops. By “700”, I meant “1,000m”, ha.

      On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 6:47 AM, Heather Calcote wrote:

      > 7 x 700 IS hard!! Any track workout is tough, it’s all about the effort you > put in. 🙂 >

  3. LT is the place where you go anaerobic! also known as: “I REALLY DON’T LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW.” and i put this 2 days before or after my long run. but not THIS exactly, because, um, OUCH.

  4. I would always do my long run on Sat. and my track workout on Tue. I found that this worked well for me.

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