Spending Sprees

The irony of a work hiatus has never escaped me; you’re not making money, but you have all the time in the world to spend it! Great combination, no? Add that to the higher cost of living in this city, and I’m all set for success!

That being said, I will brush my shoulders and reveal that I’m a budget shopper. I don’t make huge purchases.  I think about everything twice (90% of the time), and our grocery bills are never above $80-90 for the week. I save well, and spend infrequently.

Then I’m thrown into a brief period of free-time, and my bank account
works up a sweat!

Case in point, examples of my recent spending:

imageIn Lindsay’s words, you only missed this deal if you live on an entirely different planet. In which case, look! But too late, it was yesterday.

This was a “$10 for $20 at Whole Foods” – so, you can snatch 2.5 extra things! As if I needed a reason to spend money at Whole Foods, I jumped all over this along with everyone else in the social media world.

9.8.11 036

Look into that bottom left corner, and you’ll see my idea of a DIY project. I browsed Pier 1 Imports the other day (stimulation overload) and these ‘coasters’ were on clearance ($2.50 each). Our kitchen happens to be painted a light blue color, and since I don’t have the patience to paint over that, I decided to bring in my own design. Once I figure out what kind of sticky substance will hold these to a wall, they’ll be a black-splash of sorts (Ashley, you’re a pro at that! Any tips?).

9.11.11 019

Nothing in this picture is new, but its an example of a repeat purchase – outings! D and I joined a college-bud of mine to watch the game on Saturday. There are a few designated “Penn State Bars” in DC; Rhino Bar, in Georgetown, takes the cake. It’s small, so it gets crowded quickly, but they play the Blue Band Music, offer a flip-cup game at halftime, and have a Yuengling  drink special ($).

9.13.11 0119.13.11 006

Saturday night, after football disappointment, we browsed the shops of Georgetown and Dupont. It may have saved us from spending more on food and drink, but it did not stop the spending altogether. We stopped in H&M, Anthropology, Zara, book stores, the GAP, etc. Again, I don’t splurge, but I do know a sale or two when I see them!

The flower-belt pictured above is my favorite grab of the night (I only bought two other things); it was only $11 at Zara, it’s a deep purple and I could wear it with so many things! Done. The hat on the right was a purchase in Durango with my Mom a few weeks ago – I couldn’t resist.

9.13.11 018

I can never bring myself to buy clothes at Anthropology (even though I’d love to), but their household items are often just as unique and fun. For example, I saw this spoon rest, and clearly had to have it. See the note above on bringing my own design into this light blue kitchen; spoon rest, I’m naming you my accomplice!


Add to all of the above: metro card & travel fees, frozen yogurt (right across the street – ah!), extra fruits and veggies at the organic market (also across the street) and the always appealing Iced coffee.


What do you buy in a spending “spree”? What was your latest splurge?
Out of all things pictured, the most expensive was my hat, coming in a at a whopping $22.00. We’ll assign “Splurge” to that, for now.

Other things I will splurge on: kitchen or running equipment, groceries (if there’s a recipe I have to make) and/or traveling!



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13 responses to “Spending Sprees

  1. haha, i am glad we are on the same planet! yes, i am a HUGE budget shopper. I don’t think I ever buy anything full price. Love the hat!

  2. My wallet is in a constant state of panic these days with all the tri-related purchases. At least it’s FALL and stuff is on sale. 😀

    Nice snags!

  3. After splurging on plane tickets, I think I’m going to have to be in the “save” category for a while. But don’t you worry, I have a list of things that are just waiting for me to have enough cash.

  4. Goodness, that’s a beautiful spoon rest (I’ll take phrases I never expected to say in my life for $800?)

    My splurging tends to come in the form of: a) overpriced beers b) outings and c) traveling. After looking at that list, though, I think I’m okay with it.

  5. I guess that’s one good thing about my injury, I haven’t gone on any spree’s of the running gear variety in months. I did splurge and buy myself an opal ring this summer for my upcoming 30th but that’s about it, I’m otherwise entirely way too thrifty.

  6. I love anthropologie but their prices terrify me.

  7. You look so gorgeous in the picture with the hat! Love it! 🙂 My latest splurges have been on Lululemon gear. After my first trip there a couple of weekends ago it is constantly on my mind. lol.

  8. I only have one comment in regards to your Saturday activities:



  9. I go on little spending sprees, too – but I’m like you and won’t spend too much $$ on any one thing. I’m all about the sales and clearance items. 🙂

  10. Lauren

    I love the hat!! I have thought about buying a hat like that for so long but haven’t found the right one yet! The latest thing I definitely splurged on were mom and I’s facials at the Princess resort in Scottsdale. But hey, it was the least I could do for her. She had spent lots on plane tickets to drive with me or keep me company these past few months! Also, I had never had a facial. They are awesomeee.

  11. i’m new to the blog and love it… and am back-reading lots of posts.

    you’re a Penn Stater too?!?!? SAME! graduated in ’04. several psu bars here in nyc too. funny, i think i’ve been to rhino bar when visiting g-town friends in college

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