The Things We Do for Love

I love, and missed, everything about this city.

For the entire week, we were welcomed back with nonstop rainfall and cloudy days. Despite this, I stuck to every workout plan, every afternoon adventure & every photo opportunity. Why? Because I heart you, DC. And you’re worth it.

Proof of this love for you?

I naively trusted the “10% chance of precipitation” forecast on Friday morning. It was wrong, as your friends usually are.

I tied my still-slightly-wet running shoes & attempted to tape the inserts in place (they don’t seem to stick when flood conditions join the party). They cooperated for the most part.

I mapped out 18 miles around my favorite historic spots; you delivered in welcomed distractions, as always.

I ran 18 miles, solo, soaking wet, and actually loved it.

I didn’t curse you, when you unexpectedly started pouring rain on me by mile 5 (and didn’t let up for another 12 miles). Instead, I just jumped the puddles & thought your river was a little bit disgusting (harsh, but you know it’s true).

I took those miles slowly, to get more time on my feet and more time to {literally} soak it all in.

18 miles | 2:42:43 | 9:03 min/mile

I looked like I had taken a shower in my running clothes; I owe a Thank You to the good people at Starbucks, who made that {recovery} smoothie quickly!

Sights seen during this rainy adventure:
(pictures taken Saturday + Sunday, when the sun finally joined us)

9.11.11 003
9.11.11 009
9.11.11 035
9.11.11 005


What city takes your heart?

What did you do for love (running, {other} workout, self, significant other – your answer, your choice!) this weekend?



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14 responses to “The Things We Do for Love

  1. Although Dallas is home, NYC really has my heart! And Madrid is a close 2nd. I’m excited to see what other cities capture my heart…I have a feeling Vancouver would. 🙂

  2. thats awesome! i love that you ran in the rain. Its so liberating! and my home is austin, but kona and new zealand have my heart.

  3. runyogarepeat

    I love living in Burlington. It’s not really a city, but it’s the biggest town in Vermont, so it kinda feels like a city. Everyone is so active running/biking/walking/hiking/skiing, and the local lululemon offers 1-2 free yoga and running activities each week.

  4. Of the cities I have been to, Denver has my heart.

  5. I’m loving our new life in the Philippines, but I miss running in DC so so so so much. At least in less than 2 years I’ll be back. Oh, but how I miss running on the Mall, or the Mt Vernon Trail, or the C&O Canal, and even Hains Point! I miss trails and pretty sights. Manila is great (free rent and an amazing apartment walking distance from everything, plus cheap food and a maid? YAY), but I’ll take the DC trails any day over any of the running spots here (which is why not much running since I arrived…)

  6. Boston takes my heart, though SF is a close second. If I could live there, I think I’d do it (especially if it were nearer to wine country, hehe).

    What did I do for love this weekend? I fulfilled my love of running with two glorious fall-ish runs. I also showed love to my husband by making him a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. 😉

  7. I rode a bike up the side of a stupid mountain. I mean, for love.

  8. I keep going back down to D.C. periodically too! I can’t imagine not taking pictures at the Cherry Blossom Festival or roaming around the zillions of farmers’ markets 🙂

  9. Hmm, cities that have my heart? Most are actually small towns and not cities at all. The list includes: Steamboat Springs, CO; Jackson, WY; North Conway, NH; Boston, MA (my originial hometown); and in the process of making me love it here is my new home of Blacksburg, VA. It has been a long time since I have been in DC, but I am planning on running the Hot Chocolate 15K there in December, so I am excited to see first hand some of the sights you run past regularly!

    • Heather C

      Seems like that Hot Chocolate run is a popular one! I’m signed up for it as well, and keep seeing people mention it 🙂 That’ll be fun!

  10. Ohhhh what a beautiful place to ruin – unexpected shower (errr, soaker) and all!

  11. Lauren

    The cities that have my heart are all the cities I went to while studying abroad! So cool to live in a different culture. The number one city definitely would be the Amalfi coast towns we went to in Italy. So gorgeous! Right now though, Albuquerque has my heart too because it is so awesome to finally be in my new home! 🙂 Come visit alreadyyy!

  12. I can seriously just see this run now and that feeling of a good, wet run. I’m actually sort of looking forward to a rainy run even though summer wasn’t long enough in Oregon for me. Funny to long for the thing you hate the rest of the year.

    Eugene is an amazing city – so lush, so much to do and mild climate to allow you to do whatever you want year round. That being said, I REALLY want to try something else just so I know. Oregon has my heart, but I’m drawn to Colorado, Seattle area and possibly North Carolina (never been there, just have heard good things).

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