Protein Powerhouse: Salmon + Edamame Cilantro Salad

Every once in a while I remember that I have a small stack of great cookbooks; my Mom gave me one  from Williams & Sonoma that never lets me down. This time it was an Edamame salad that caught my eye; a protein-packed side salad to join our salmon? Yes, I’ll fold that corner in!

Thanks to the move, way too many meals on-the-road or out, and kitchen still lacking many of the supplies to actually ‘cook’ (our POD will be delivered Sept. 15), the week of eats has not been impressive. Protein is not exactly in abundance when your eats consist largely of veggie-subs, snack-food & fresh fruits/vegetables.

Enter, the protein-powerhouse meal, Round 2.

Baked Salmon + Edamame Cilantro Salad

9.8.11 031

*I used organic canned corn vs fresh (time-friendly), olive oil vs canola (pantry-friendly, low on supplies!), and left out the s/p (see earlier pantry statement).

9.8.11 0359.8.11 037

We had frozen Edamame pods, which I boiled & then shelled (easy to do), and I added a handful of diced purple onion, for some extra color & flavor.

Mix the following together in a bowl: shelled edamame, cooked corn, cilantro, lime juice (one lime), drizzle of oil (~1 tbsp), grape tomatoes, avocado (1 medium, diced) and purple onion (diced, optional).

Baked Salmon:

Heat oven to 400*; lightly oil a glass dish (again, see pantry note – no baking sheets yet!); rub 1 tsp of oil onto the salmon & drizzle with {TJ’s} Balsamic Tuscan Italian dressing. Bake for 12 minutes.

9.8.11 039

Serve them together, and voila! Your protein-powerhouse plate is ready for dining.


The facts, in grams:

Salmon: 23g protein per 4 oz filet
Edamame: 10g protein per 1/2 cup of beans


Have a great weekend! These well-fed muscles are off to tackle 18 miles. Every DC-sight unseen (e.g. the Mall, Capitol & Mt. Vernon trail) will be checked off the list today.


How did you get your protein this week?  Do you have notice if/when it’s lacking?



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7 responses to “Protein Powerhouse: Salmon + Edamame Cilantro Salad

  1. Salmon? I’m pretty sure that’s a fish.

  2. I always forget about my cookbooks now that I find most of my recipes & ideas on blogs… looks yummy!!!

    My protein punch this week was in the form of Oh She Glows Veggie Burgers – black beans, sunflower seeds, almonds and more! MMMM!

  3. Mamacita

    This meal looks very tasty and is definitely a protein punch. I made a southwestern chicken/corn chowder this week – NOM.

    Love, Mamacita

  4. Delicious! Salmon – baked or grilled – is ALWAYS welcome in my kitchen! I love salmon and try to eat it at least once a week. 🙂

  5. Lauren

    Do cookies have protein in them?? 😉 jk…obviously. I loveee our black bean soup at Paradise! It is yummy and pairs great with the thai chopped salad that had edamame, roasted red peppers and onions in it! My favorite you pick 2! Ugh I need to go home so I can cook again….

  6. I love Williams & Sonoma! Sometimes their recipes are very complicated, but they’re always worth it!

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