The Home Run

Yesterday felt like the ‘official’ return to DC running; I met Ivan at the Calvert Str Rock Creek Park (RCP) entrance, we went to say “HI!” to Lincoln, and high-fived our states at the World War II memorial. All things familiar, right back to the ‘norm’!

After this week I’ll stop referring to things as “the first ___back in DC”. Stick with me!

For now, I’m living in what Ivan described as the “Twilight Zone” effect – we’re home, it almost feels like we never left, and sometimes I wonder if that “year in Denver” really happened…? Didn’t we just live in DC all along? Color me crazy! It’s okay. My brain is just trying to wrap itself around the fact that we do indeed live here; we also lived in Denver (and had a crazy-exploring-Colorado year), and there is no Twilight zone. At least not in this life of mine.

Anyway, we ran!

It was cloudy, a little bit humid, and cool enough to get by in a t-shirt and shorts + hat. We visited Lincoln, milliseconds before rain started pouring.


Thanks for this, Ivan-runographer! I actually posed for the next photo (i.e. the one I was aware that he took), but we liked this one better. He’s very captivating.

We turned around to find that you could barely see the Washington Monument, thanks to a rain-created-fog. We waited it out for about 15 minutes, deciding how / where to proceed, my only reservation was that I had a lunch-date with the lululemon Georgetown store Manager at noon. It was 10:45 a.m.

I had no hesitation showing up to a lululemon lunch date sweaty, but soaked? Ah well, all the same, right?

We ran on through, hitting the WWII states to high-five (New Mexico – me, California – him, District of Columbia – both), and headed back to Pennsylvania Avenue.

All together: home –> Lincoln + WW II –> Georgetown: 6.3 miles.

Yes, I showed up to the store dripping water all over the place. I proceeded to totally freeze while we ate our Sweet Green Salads on the D&D covered porch, but it was worth the run + conversation + plans for future collaborating!


Lincoln visit: check. Run with Ivan: check.
Feeling home, and not in Twilight-zone: CHECK.

Rain running will be the theme of the week, as this rain seems to be here to stay.
18 miles of soaked bliss? I’ll be coming for you tomorrow!



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14 responses to “The Home Run

  1. Sounds like things are going well so far. Congrats!!

  2. Yay! Glad you are back 🙂

  3. enjoy the rain, and if you can package some up, send some our way! Glad you are home friend.

  4. Awesome on the lulu lunch – I’m sure good things are in store!

    Not so fun to be freezing… I hate the post-rain chills!

  5. Welcome back! It must have been difficult to leave Boulder.

  6. um, SO FUN to hang with you yesterday. seriously. when I got home, I told Thom, ok, Heather is WAY more fun than I remember. 🙂 glad I got to see you on the dry end of the day!

  7. Awesome times. Great run, too, considering how awful I felt the first mile.

    • Lauren

      Did you feel as awful as I did the ONE time I ran with you two crazies?? I had no idea what I was getting myself into….let alone a clue to where I was going! You guys just chirped chirped chirped not realizing the lazy one was getting further and further behind! Turn here….oh yea she’ll figure that one out on her own. But on a lighter note, I look forward to running with you both again when I come visit. 🙂

      • Heather C

        Ha, no I did not feel awful at all. Thankyouverymuch! We’ll take you for a run and you’ll be like “wow this isn’t so bad!”, because now you know what to expect 😉

  8. Mamacita

    Love this post and pic. Looking forward to exploring new places in D.C. when we visit you and D. Lauren’s comment made me lol. Good to talk to you yesterday.

    Love, Mamacita

  9. yay! looks like you are getting right back into your groove! Are you going to be working with/ambassador for lululemon again?? We need to catch up!

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