Yoga a la DC

Luckily yoga is a loyal friend, one that doesn’t seem to mind when I’m fickle and inconsistently return the favor. Luckily I snatched a Stroga coupon two weeks ago, and Meghann reminded us all that this is National Yoga Month!

All things come together; I ignored the possibility of getting soaked, and I had a date with my loyal cross-training companion last night.


Stroga was a brand new studio in the summer of 2010, right before we headed out to Colorado. I purchased a coupon for 5 classes, went with Kate, and was surprised by what a ‘normal’ yoga class felt like (I had only done Bikram before that). Little did I know where I’d be by the next time I showed up to this studio; Denver has a powerful yoga community, and thanks to lululemon, I let it work its magic.

Now, back in the District, it seemed appropriate to have my first-yoga-date with this studio. It also helped that their recent Groupon was $29 for ten classes.

I know. DEAL!

They also offered another 10-pack for only $39 on the first day you use the Groupon. Stroga, you know where your power works. I’m IN.


The space alone is mesmerizing; it’s open, light, airy & any time you look up you’re instantly distracted by the ornate ceiling.

I chose the “Vinyasa Flow (all levels)”, solely because of the time (7 – 8:15) and the fact that it would allow a leisurely stroll before & after. City living is synonymous with walk-ability in my mind; if I can walk, I will.


Not only has it been two weeks since my arms have chataranga’d or my legs have held a Warrior in any form, but also since I’ve stretched in any real capacity. I had low expectations, but that’s the point of getting on the mat. Meet yourself where you are, and go from there.

It was definitely a different vibe than the Denver teachers that I’m more than used to; but without different styles, instructors and class-types, where would the challenge come from? Mix it up: check!

While the muscles and I were tight at first, I fell right back in my groove and loved the ebb & flow of going through every classic pose – lunging, to standing / balancing, to back + core work. It was all thrown into the mix, and I am feeling every bit of it today.

Sore, relaxed, stretched & happy.

I have 19 more classes to get my yoga on, DC + Stroga style.


National Yoga Month Tip: individual classes at studios can be expensive, and add up quickly! Look for specials, first-class-for-free deals (a lot of studios do this), FREE podcasts (e.g. Dave Farmar), and/or a lululemon store near you (they have at least one free class per week)!



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5 responses to “Yoga a la DC

  1. Awesome deal and sounds like a great class – love the concept. And the name. 🙂 Enjoy, muscles!!!

  2. I want the ceiling from Stroga in my house. LOVE that place.

  3. Martha

    Wow that is a beautiful place to practice in!! I’ want to come and play there with you..miss you!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try that place! Maybe next time I’m back 🙂

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