Hitting Snooze

We’re in DC! It was anything but an easy journey to get here, yet somehow we’ve arrived. Our furniture will be fashionably late, much like our start to this cross-country move.

The initial plan was to hit the road straight from D’s airport arrival on Friday night (one-way from DC –> Denver). The PODS crew had its way with that agenda, canceling the Friday morning pick-up thanks to two parked cars. After way too many {unhelpful} phone calls, headaches & circling conversations, we resigned to the fact that we’d have to hit Snooze* on this road trip.

Instead, we got another hotel room downtown, dined at Mellow Mushroom (which happens to be 1) in our Top 5 for pizza options and 2) the first place we went out to eat last summer in Denver), and called it an early night. Saturday would consist of stalking our POD, stalking the cars parked near it, and wishing fiercely that luck would lend us a helping hand.

Before we played detectives+impatient-POD-waiters, we themed our breakfast experience on Saturday morning appropriately. *For the first time, we dined at Snooze – a classic Denver brunch / lunch choice:

DenvertoDCmove 021

We hit this just early enough to miss a huge morning rush; sitting at the bar with coffee in hand (free while you wait!) and our breakfast utopia menu:

DenvertoDCmove 014
DenvertoDCmove 016DenvertoDCmove 017

Knowing that time was of the essence with my favorite southwestern flavor, I went with a 3-egg omelet, smothered in green chile (vegetarian*) & coupled with flour tortillas. This breakfast hit the last-Denver-day spot:

DenvertoDCmove 020
*Green chile sauces are often made with pork pieces / broth. I always check on their vegetarian option, which usually tastes better anyway, in my opinion.

We proceeded to sit / pace / anxiously wait on the old-apartment street for 3.5 hours after this. We called police to help identify car owners and discuss options, knocked on a few doors, got a neighbor’s phone # only to find out she was in Minnesota for the weekend (!!!), and waited some more.  (FYI: Police can give you an address by searching a license plate, but can do nothing about legally parked cars –  even if it means you might have to cancel a weekend drive altogether. Cue: STRESS).

Around noon, Lady Luck finally gave us a break and the car owners emerged to move their white sedan. Holy sweet RELIEF; I have never been so happy to see two strangers drive away (odd situation to be excited by).


Dealing with the PODS fiasco? That’s another story, for another day. All I will say is that if you chose their services (which are convenient, in theory), make sure that pick-up-guy has a LOT of space to work with. This may require street-stalking.

Watching this thing move was the best thing that happened on Saturday morning. It meant we could leave, it meant we could actually  start our drive to DC. Whoop!

Saturday, 1:30 p.m. Denver {MST} departure, 1:00 a.m. pause for sleep.
Sunday, 6: 00 a.m. Columbia, MO departure, 10:30 p.m. {EST} DC arrival.

26 hours | 1,677 miles | 10 states | 2 days

And this morning, we set no alarm that would snooze on us.

8.4 025DenvertoDCmove 032.2DenvertoDCmove 027



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9 responses to “Hitting Snooze

  1. Dustin S

    What a drive! What an adventure!

  2. Jamie

    It’s nice to have you back on the east coast!!

  3. The POD fiasco sounds terrrrible. I would have a panic attack. Glad they finally came out and drove that car off. Ugh.

  4. Lauren

    Woww! Mom said you were having a stressful time but sheesh! Way to keep your cool! I would have fraked out a little probably. Glad you made it. 😀 and in 2 days with such a late start?? You guys are pretty awesome at this whole moving thing I would say 🙂

  5. Gahhhh. I was wondering what the hold-up was. What a hassle! Glad you FINALLY made it!

  6. So glad you made it safely…even if it was a chore and a half to get there! snooze away lady!

  7. welcome back. and mellow mushroom? yum. 🙂

  8. at least you got to eat at snooze before you left…it’s a mad house there EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I’m sad we never got to meet but I’m happy you are back where you belong!

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