Marathon Effect

It has been a little more than difficult to figure out not only when, but also how to do my Long Runs over the past two weeks. This weekend has proved to follow suit; tonight is my last night in this apartment (sad), tomorrow I’ll be in a hotel and Friday night, we hit the road (straight from the airport)!

Driving cross country for 2+ days does not really lend itself to an easy weekend 18-miler (let’s be honest, when are 18-milers easy? Ugh). I spent the first two miles of my run today trying to decide what to do…

Run from the hotel on Friday a.m, squeezing it in before check-out & an 11 a.m. massage appointment (oh, YES)?

Attempt it tomorrow night (Thursday – something I’ve done more than once)?

Wait until we arrive and my first run in DC is a long one (easy way to get a lot of sight-seeing in, yes)?

Every pro + con for the individual options above went through my head a few times; I still haven’t reached a decision, for one main reason – right now, it’s not a priority.

Running for sanity and mind-clearing? Priority. Maintaining my base and keeping my training on track (but maybe not with the exact plan)? Priority. Completing an 18-miler over a cross-country moving weekend? There’s just no room in my brain to care about that for the time being.

If it gets done, kudos to these legs! That’s all I’ve got for now.


In other news, once my thoughts moved to another topic ( I ran without music today, my mind had no reigns), I realized that I’m 3-for-3.

Each marathon training period has involved a pretty major life change. The first time around, it only made things better – D & I went from friends –> S.O.s, it was fun to have him along for the ride (literally, on the bike while I ran).

marathon! 035DenverRnRwkend 071

Last time (Denver RnR), it was a situation similar to this one (but in reverse).  Getting acclimated to the altitude was a challenge; as was running entirely new routes & starting a new job.

This time, I’m just taking it week by week.

Maybe I should think about this ‘Marathon Effect’ of mine before I sign up for #4!

Any input on the LR conundrum of the week?



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8 responses to “Marathon Effect

  1. Oh the crazy life you lead girl! I can’t wait for you to look back at the last year or so of your life when you’re 30 and be like, how on earth did I do that?!?!? However you get it in, cuz I know you will, good luck! (Although if I were you, I would squeeze it in before I left Denver, it’s a helluva a farewell)

  2. I feel you…while I’m only training for a half, I moved in the midst of it and all routine was thrown off! I’m of the “get it over with” mentality…especially before your massage 🙂 Then you can focus on your big move!

  3. I’d squeeze it in before you left too, then you won’t have to stress about it while you are traveling.

    (And, we’re BBQing on Monday, you’re invited if you want to escape unpacking).

  4. katie harper

    My thoughts…why are you doing the marathon? To clear your head, to get a PR, for another challenge, etc. Running is supposed to decrease stress not increase stress:) So I would recommend skip it, get it done when you are in DC and enjoy the sites/being back home. You know you can run 26.2 miles so that is not the question, you know you can run anything in between 18-26.2 miles….your body has been there before and will remember.
    I’ll miss my fellow running lulu ambassador and we’ll make sure the run club we started continues forever and continues to grow:)
    Have a great move! and the running stuff will figure itself out:)

  5. Good luck with the move! Like everyone else, I’d probably try to squeeze in the run (maybe not 18, but something) before I left just so it would be out of the way. But I think it’s certainly not a big deal to miss it, especially if it just adds to your stress level.

  6. You certainly like to keep things interesting when training for a marathon!

    I’d try to get it done early before heading out… and how perfect will the massage be right after??

    • Heather C

      My thoughts exactly! We’ll see if I can muster up the motivation to do another LR on the Cherry Creek trail… 😉

  7. Lauren

    So what did you decide to do?? I haz the curious…Yes I am just now reading this. Obviously. Have a safe Drive tomorrow!!

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