Sixteen Strong

Last weekend, I had no regrets with putting the plan aside and taking more time to be with D while he was in Denver. I skipped the 16-miler, and couldn’t have cared less that those miles were ignored.

This time around, I had a hometown tour to do.


With the quickly approaching move, I wanted to take advantage of my parent’s proximity. After next weekend, they won’t be “close” (i.e. a 7 hour drive away), and I won’t see them as often as I have over the past year. Truth be told, that’s probably what I’ll miss the most about living in Colorado (along with the mountains, duh).

8.29.11 029

Yup, this is the routine – wine on the deck, a beautiful view, and a relaxing weekend.

I played Chef for the family – parents, brother & sister-in-law. We dined on the Fritatta featured last week; it got the thumbs up approval.  My Mom created a strawberry, feta & candied pecan salad. All delicious!

8.29.11 034

I casually mentioned I had a long run to do in the morning; I planned on being up early, and done early. I had all my supplies packed – camelbak, Nuun tablets (first timer!), Shot Bloks, hat (oops), and the trusty iPod shuffle.

I did not  have a route. Short of hopping on a highway or busy road,  it’s virtually impossible to map something out without repeating yourself in this small town.

My morning looked something like this:

6:00 a.m. alarm; 6:10 a.m. convincing myself to get up and DO IT; 6:20 a.m. eating breakfast and contemplating 16 miles worth of options.

7:00 a.m. Departure. Here we go!

I turned on the tunes, and tuned out. I ran along roads that rarely see a pedestrian, much less a runner. I ran way too many hills, forgetting the layout of this up n’ down town. I ran the full 16 miles, only having to repeat a street once or twice. I ran through every old, familiar loop.

I ran wishing I had the company of D, or my sister, or any other person awake on Saturday morning (to F-town’s credit, I did see a few cyclists, and some run/walkers towards the later end of the morning).

I ran until the Garmin beeped “16”, right at the bottom of our house’s hill.

16 miles; 2:21:21 – avg 8:50

I happily walked up.
I happily found my favorite  company waiting for me in the shade.

8.29.11 0368.29.11 045
8.29.11 043
8.29.11 0468.29.11 044

Relieved, and elated, to get those miles in & feel strong throughout each one of them! Relaxed & ready to spend the rest of that at-home weekend without a training thought, or run to check off.

Weekend success!


What made you feel strong over the weekend?



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11 responses to “Sixteen Strong

  1. Tulip!

    Yay F Town 🙂
    I started Insanity this weekend! OOF!

  2. NICELY done on those 16 miles! And I love that picture with the view and the wine glass, gorgeous!

    What made me feel strong this weekend? The 8 hours of moving and shoving boxes down the hall, up and down the stairs and elevator, into and out of moving vans all day on Saturday to help my sis move. KILLER workout!!

  3. Way to get the run in – not the easiest task while away from home without a route or company! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time at ‘home’.

  4. way to go!! I’m so glad you got it done and got to relax after in good company!

  5. Sometimes I love peaceful, lonely long runs – not always, but it sounds like this one was a nice one!

    And – Thom did 16 this weekend too (first time, longest run of his life) and he feels like he’s a real runner now. 🙂

  6. Lauren

    yay kittehs!! I def would have ran 8 miles with you! Then I would have randomly stopped…told you to kept going…turned around…then continued to walk/run/walk/jog/walk until I got home. Sound familiar?? haha. On another note, one of my favorite things to do after running at home is sit outside and cool off while petting the babies. Your pictures made me jealous! Glad you had a nice weekend. I didn’t exactly feel “tough” this weekend…but I did get scared out of my mind 😦 You know what happened…

  7. Mamacita

    So nice to have you “home” this weekend; we enjoyed every minute of it. Safe travels to you and D this week. Love you lots!


  8. Love this so much. So glad you got to spend time with your family! I’m sure they were so happy to have you there. I’ve tried the Nuun tablets recently – I like them! I felt strong this morning running the hills at Central Park. 🙂

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