Nut Butters, Disney & Clicking ‘Purchase’

{Random Friday Facts, a la Katie}

It felt amazing to give this update!  It’s out there; we’re going; it’s OFFICIAL. It still seems surreal, but in a crazy-good way.


Ashley posted about nut butters yesterday, and all I could think was “Pulse for 10 minutes in the FP? Yah, that’s too long. You make ‘em, I’ll buy ‘em.”
      The take-away point? Yes, we’re all lazy in the kitchen sometimes.


I used to shop online ALL THE TIME. Then I moved to a city, and another city, and I forgot about the wonder that is browsing online stores while you sit on the couch.
     I made my first online purchase in years, last night. I’m pretty excited about that package (TWSS).


I have worked for Disney, Lululemon & now Small Planet Foods. All three started by one person who had a {huge} unique idea, and just went with it – taking risks, and creating something totally amazing. I don’t fancy myself an entrepreneur just yet, but I do find it pretty amazing to work for them {and wish I could meet the mastermind behind it!}.


I don’t like eating the bottom of bananas; the semi-crunchy thing at the end never tastes good.


I’m off to hop on another plane, spending the weekend with my Family in New Mexico! I love me some desert sunshine, vino on the deck & relaxing with the ‘rents.

GraduationWeekend 147

And this time, that 16-miler will be checked off!

What’s on your weekend agenda? Or your random thought train?



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11 responses to “Nut Butters, Disney & Clicking ‘Purchase’

  1. Kelly

    so with you on the banana comment!

  2. I’m with you on Nut Butter – seems like way too much work to make it! I am actually pretty lazy when it comes to most things like dips, sauces, dressings, hummus…. I’d just rather buy it.

    Have a great time in NM!

  3. HAhahaha 🙂 Congrats again!! Have a great weekend with the family. You deserve it!!

  4. thom is also running 16 this weekend. you should run with him. 🙂

    i also don’t eat the bottom of the banana. weird.

  5. haha I agree. 10 minutes is 9 minutes too long. have a great weekend!

  6. Lauren

    I looove how you use Dustin’s parents yard for your New Mexico picture 🙂 So pretty!! I’m sad I can’t help pick grapes this coming weekend. Maybe we all can next year! You and D would love it. 🙂 Have fun at home! My weekend plans consist of 3 shifts in the bakery 2:30am- 11. :/ So many cooookies! And personally…I don’t like the very top part of the banana. Unfortunately I never mastered opening banana’s and I always smash the top, resulting in a gooey, squishy, unappetizing bite. yup.

  7. people always reccomend for me to make my own nut buttes. my huz actually made 3 different kinds for me for my bday present this year…FREAKING DELISH…but I’m too lazy to make my own…guess I’ll wait till next year!

  8. krissy m. murphy

    Just stumbled upon your blog from Ashley’s and I am a new subscriber now 🙂

    Question: what did you do for Disney??

    • Heather C

      Well, hello! 🙂

      I worked for Disney as part of their College Program Internship – I spent a semester there working at Magic Kingdom. For the next two years (upon returning to school), I worked as a “Campus Rep” – a group of us that did recruitment for the program. So much fun!

      • krissy m. murphy

        Neat! I did the WDWCP too, in Fall 2006 then spent another 3.5 years there, recently moved to VA last year though. =D

        I look forward to keeping up with your blog!!

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