The Flexi-Plan

{Mystery clue-of-the-day is at the bottom!}

Last weekend, I didn’t run 16 miles. It was on the plan, and I couldn’t have cared less whether or not those miles got a check in the box.

Instead, I ran 3 miles on Saturday, only to turn around and realize that time would be much better spent with D while he was home for the weekend.

8.21.11 0938.21.11 099

Sunday morning, after the airport drop-off, I headed out with my camelbak and snacks, just in case the motivation came to me at some point. I met up with Martha at Wash Park, and rounded out a little more than 8 miles. Then I decided that day would be much better spent doing things like grocery shopping, getting a haircut, lounging on the couch and reading.

Miles for the weekend: 11+. Regrets: 0.

It’s official; for the time being, I’m on the Flexi-plan. For the time being, there is just too much to think about. The legs will get those miles, it just may not always be according to the schedule.

We decided we’re okay with that, me and this attitude of mine.


In the spirit of flexi-planning, I had to skip my double-Monday routine yesterday. Between an early work morning and a late work-dinner night, it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I woke up at 5:30  today, and hit the road!

As it turns out, the sun is sleeping in later than me these days. It was a dark start, with a realization that Fall is quickly creeping up on us!

Today, I ran 7.1 miles of purely distracted bliss. My mind was in an entirely different place, with a million things to do and one big thing to be excited about.

8.23.11 006

What’s that “Big” thing?

Clue #1: I’ll be doing my first 20 miler of this cycle in a different city!

Clue #2: We sold D’s car on Saturday; we’re down to one, for good reason!

{ Friends who know, I still expect you to shhh. Sorry, Epod. I’ll put wind back those sails soon!}



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14 responses to “The Flexi-Plan

  1. Liz

    hmmm are you moving back to dc??

  2. I support the flexi-plan – life comes first!

    You’re moving again??

  3. I’m DYING to know what’s up – you’ve got to be moving, I just can’t imagine what else it could be!!

    PS. I love the flexi-plan concept. I guess I’m in the same boat – I’ve never been one for a super-regimented running plan for races, I like looser plans, it makes it more fun, less stressful, at least for me .

  4. Jamie

    Do you carry anything with you for coyotes? I know this might sound dumb, but they hang out by my house and I worry more now that it is darker. Just wondering because they freak me out! The foxes are cool, but coyotes are so much bigger. Maybe you are in a more urban part of town and don’t have to worry about them?

  5. I think you’re moving! Don’t know where though 🙂

  6. I hope you are doing your 20M HERE. also, D is going on tour with the red hot chili peppers is my guess for today.

  7. SHHHHHHh 🙂 Cute photos!

  8. oh this is awesome! youre easing back on running maybe because of this event? I think I deserve an email explanation.

  9. Are you moving to NYC?? Although that would probably require selling both cars…

  10. I love your attitude with the flexi-plan…its very refreshing sometimes NOT to have to be putting in a certain number of miles. Sometimes life is too good to miss out on doing other things!

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