Vacation Mode

As you read this, I’m flying across the lone-star state and headed to see one of my very best friends. While I may be traveling in the opposite direction that most would advise at this time of the year, I can not wait to land on that Texas runway.

Only because Emily’s there, and only because it means I’m in vacation mode!

bachelorettewkend 031Texas 015

There’s also the fact that last time I made the journey to the south of Tejas to see this gal, she whipped up homemade bread and pizza dough. And we watched What Not to Wear, after taking a walk on the beach.

Yes, I’m ready for a 3-day escape that includes all of the above!


Before vacation time set in, I had some training prep to do. I have no idea what it will feel like in the summer heat of Corpus Christi, but I do know that it is nothing like the dry mountain air of Denver.

From Monday to Tuesday my legs put up with the following:

6:30 a.m. {Monday} easy run: 3.25 miles

6:30 p.m. {Monday} Lululemon Group run: 3.1 miles

6:30 a.m. {Tuesday} Yoga: Yes, please.
Hikes + double-run = tight, tight muscles.

        3:00 p.m. {Tuesday}:  No motivation! Must. Round. Up. Run-buddy!
         3:15 p.m. {Tuesday}: Text from Chris, ‘ wanna run later?’ YES I DO.

5:45 p.m. {Tuesday} speed-progression run: 4.1 mi

Check, check, check, CHECK. Ready to rest, now! Thanks, legs.


All of that was more than worth the time to take off today and let the mind + muscles zone out. All of that also led up to one hungry gal, and last night this green-chile stacked enchilada creation did the trick:


Yes, I’ll feed you that recipe soon! It’d be very selfish of me not to.


Today is set aside for flying, relaxing & catching up!

Tomorrow we’ll test that August heat.



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5 responses to “Vacation Mode

  1. come on, you gotta make a pit stop in AUSTIN!

  2. green chiles! pittar patter goes my heart.

  3. Awesome that you were able to cram in a few runs so you can enjoy a guilt-free travel/rest day today. Have an awesome time in Texas with your girl!!!

  4. Great workouts! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the recipe for the green chile creation! Green chile on anything=love.

  5. Yay for vacation and friends…have fun!

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